2011 log (2)

(4 Feb) Orgazmo (1998, Trey Parker) [ review ] 66

(13 Feb) Going the Distance (2010, Nanette Burstein) 66
[ A rather generic but pleasantromantic comedy, with the highs and lows of a long-distance relationship giving it a bit of a different color. In any case, what makes a rom-com work or not, most of all, is the lead couple and, no worry, Justin Long and especially Drew Barrymore have charm to spare on top of being pretty amusing. Also dug all the little ’80s references (“Top Gun”, the “Centipede” arcade game, the “License to Ill” album, etc.), and the fact that Long and Barrymore are respectively working in the record and newspaper industries, two fields where jobs are getting scarcer… which makes it all the harder for one of them to want to give one up to move to the other side of the country for love. ]

(16 Feb) En terrains connus (2011, Stéphane Lafleur) [ review ] 73

(21 Feb) La Vérité (2011, Marc Bisaillon) 58
[ My interview with Bisaillon for Voir ]

(23 Feb) Hall Pass (2011, Peter & Bobby Farrelly) [ review ] 65

(24 Feb) French Kiss (2011, Sylvain Archambault) 40
[ My interviews with stars Céline Bonnier, Claude Legault and Didier Lucien for Voir ]

(24 Feb) Goodfellas (1990, Martin Scorsese) [ review ] 95

(25 Feb) Justin Bieber: Never Say Never – Director’s Fan Cut (2011, Jon Chu)
[ Yeah, yeah, I went to see the Bieber flick – and I liked it! For a good part of the last year, JB has been a bit of a guilty pleasure for my girlfriend and I, so we were looking forward to seeing this, and we weren’t disappointed. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that even if you’re not part of the target audience, this is worth seeing for a few reasons: 1) the way it tells the extraordinary story of this Canadian kid from Stratford who became a worldwide sensation almost overnight, focusing not only on Justin himself but on his family, friends and staff, not to mention his fans, all those screaming, crying little girls without whom Bieber wouldn’t be where he is; 2) as shot in 3D, the concert scenes are pretty damn awesome, truly making us feel like we’re there at Madison Square Garden taking in all the music, the dancing, the special effects, the guest appearances (Usher, Sean Kingston, Jaden Smith, Ludacris, Boyz II Men, Miley Cyrus) and, again, the fans going crazy; 3) as some other critics have observed already, this documentary gives “The Social Network” a run for its money, showing how important websites like YouTube and Twitter have become for the young generation, as personified by Justin Bieber and, yes, the fans. Whether you share their enthusiasm or not, it’s quite fascinating to see, like a 21st century version of Beatlemania. ]

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