Inspired by Nate over at The Film Experience, who listed his favorite action sequences of the last year and declared that 2008 was “a fairly terrible year for the action genre”, I, self-proclaimed expert in that matter, decided to make my own list of the Best Action Sequences of 2008. Why don’t the Oscars have a category for that, eh?

A few notes: I decided not to list more than one scene per film; by my definition, horror/gore outbursts don’t count as action sequences; and the clips don’t all show the full scenes – the “Che” sequence, for one, actually lasts something like 15-20 minutes in the film.

Battle of Santa Clara – “Che”

Dale and Saul vs. Red – “Pineapple Express”

Final showdown – “Rambo”

Bank robbery – “The Dark Knight”

Unbroken opening shot – “JCVD”

Jeep chase – “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”

Hardcore match – “The Wrestler”

sk18 from Mike D’Angelo on Vimeo.

Textile factory shoot-out – “Wanted”