Army of Darkness

This is the third “Evil Dead” film and the best. In this one, Ash is trapped in medieval times, where brave knights must fight against the forces of evil. It seems that Ash is the chosen one who was sent down from the sky to help them to get the Necronomicon and to destroy the Army of Darkness. This film lasts less than 90 minutes but there are a lot of things that happen, so the pacing is real fast. It’s one of the most action-packed movie I’ve ever seen. One thing always happens after another. The screenplay is inventive and very funny. There are tons of cool little details and of original stuff. Sam Raimi’s direction is brilliant once again. His camerawork is very inventive, and the awesome visual style he gives to the film is unmistakable. Every shot is well thought and every scene is smartly handled. The action scenes are extremely cool. They’re well choreographed, like in Hong Kong cinema. It’s both hilarious and exciting.

Another cool thing is the special FX. There is a lot of ’em, but it’s the kind I like: hand-crafted FX that are used to execute the director’s cool but insane ideas. They don’t just wanna show that they have big computers and a big budget. For example, the skeletons are not top notch FX, but they have a cool personality and they do fun stuff. That’s the important to me. Bruce Campbell is excellent in the role of Ash. He’s one of the coolest actors in the world. He’s very funny when he’s doing physical comedy à la Jim Carrey, but he’s even cooler when he plays the macho, tough and arrogant hero à la Clint Eastwood. He’s also a great fighter. This movie is pure movie excitement. There isn’t one dull part. Campbell and Raimi are an outstanding pair. The two first Evil Dead were cool, but this one’s the best. SEE IT! NOW!