Baz Luhrmann

Strictly Ballroom 87
[ Whoa! I figured that, this being the first part of Baz’ Red Curtain Trilogy, it had to be another tragic love story, but it’s actually a comedy. The pop-up visuals, over the top performances and colorful production design associated with the Red Curtain style are all there, but this is a lighter, sillier piece. That doesn’t stop it from being a whole lotta fun, though! It’s like “Saturday Night Fever” meets Christopher Guest meets the Looney Tunes… And it IS wildly romantic, too, and it reinforces the impression that Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time is one of the best songs ever written, and the dancing! My, the dancing! ]

William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet 89
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Moulin Rouge! 98
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Australia 94
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The Great Gatsby 85
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