An apartment building, dark and gritty. Caesar, a money launderer for the mob, lives there with his woman, Violet, a top-notch bombshell. They live their pleasant criminal everyday life until Violet meets Corky, an ex-con who works as a janitor in the building. Before long, the two girls are getting it on and dreaming of leaving to start a new life together, but they need money. The solution to their problem comes when Caesar brings home 2 million dollars soaked in blood to wash them down and the two women decide to work out a plan to take the money without getting caught…

“Bound” is a an amazing debut for the Wachowski brothers, who wrote a clever, funny and inventive screenplay with a storyline full of unexpected twists. The characters are all interesting and the dialogue is as sharp as a sling blade. Andy and Larry Wachowski are also naturally gifted directors, crafting this modern film noir with endless style and energy.

Brilliantly shot, thoroughly suspensful and full of gory violence and sizzling lesbian sex scenes, this is the kind of flick we movie geeks dream of but rarely actually get to see. Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon are both excellent as, respectively, the high-maintenance sex kitten and the badass butch janitor. There is great chemistry between them, and Joe Pantoliano is awesome as well as Caesar. “Bound” is smart, slick and strong. There is even a Tom Jones song on the soundtrack! Who could ask for anything more?