There are many different stories in “Pulp Fiction”. They’re all very cool, but one that I particularly enjoyed is the part when Vincent and Jules, two hitmen, go to an apartment to kill some people. That’s about 15 minutes from “Pulp Fiction”. “Coldblooded” is a movie all about that. It starts out with a bookie named Cosmo, smoothly played by Jason Priestley. Cosmo has no life. He lives in a crummy basement, take bets and watch TV, that’s all. He never had a girlfriend, but he’s seeing regularly a hooker named Honey, played with humor by Janeane Garofalo. Things change when Cosmo’s boss, Gordon, gives him a promotion. He is now a hitman! He’s teamed with Steve, an experienced hitman that will show him how to do his job properly. Cosmo discovers that he’s very good at this job, even though he has a hard time dealing with murdering people. And when he gets involved with Jasmine, his Yoga teacher, Cosmo is even more decided to quit his day job.

This movie is very well written. It’s smart and full of dark humor. Cosmo is so cool when he kills people that it would be disturbing if it wasn’t a comedy. Priestley is surprisingly good in the role. It’s a change from “Beverly Hills 90210”! He plays the role of the hitman like Travolta did in “Pulp Fiction”: cool and careless. Of course, he’s not as gifted as Travolta, but he has very good comic timing. The killing jobs are violent, but they’re also hilarious. You have to see Cosmo getting friendly with his targets before blowing their head off! The romantic angle of the plot is also very interesting. This is one unusual love story! I enjoyed this movie a lot. It has everything: blood, laughs, love and original twists. You have to see it, if only to see Jason Priestley shooting Michael J. Fox brains out! Who would have expected to see that in a lifetime?