Gilmore Girls Season Two

(Previously, in Season One)

2.1 – “Sadie, Sadie”
LUKE: But who knows how long you’ll work after you’re married.
LORELAI: Excuse me?
LUKE: Oh, but you probably already talked about that, right?
LORELAI: Uh, no, but I do think he and my father have come to an agreement on how many goats I’m worth.

You know what’s not so great about a perfect season ender? It’s a tough act to follow. This first episode of Season Two is okay, but it’s kind of a back to normal thing, not the emotional high that came before.

2.2 – “Hammers and Veils”
LORELAI: And you know, as my mouth was opening my mind was screaming, ‘Don’t do it, I mean it, you’ll regret it!’ But did my mouth listen?
LORELAI: No! And it opened and the words came out, and Emily was Emily, and my mouth was stunned. And my mind said ‘I told you so.’ And then my mouth got mad because no mouth like’s to have it’s nose rubbed in it. And now my mind and my mouth aren’t talking, and it’ll be weeks before we can get the boys together again.
RORY: Your mouth has a nose?

We’re still kinda spinning wheels, but there are some nice sparks here and there, especially the latest developments in Lorelai’s lifelong tug of war with her mother. I might have said this before, but I find it quite amazing when the two of them have an ugly fight and you can feel how it shadows the fights they had when Lorelai was a teenager…

2.3 – “Red Light on the Wedding Night”
Rory: Is it right to be sampling wedding cakes when Sookie’s making ours for free?
Lorelai: What is right anyway, you know? Who defines right? And if eating cake is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Whoa, it’s kinda whack how they rush into this wedding thing then make it go away just as fast. I mean, they could have gone the whole season jerking around with Lorelai’s commitment issues…. Oh, well.

2.4 – “The Road Trip to Harvard”
Lorelai: They’re taller.
Rory: Not this again.
Lorelai: There’s more of them!
Rory: Mom, the flowers on the wallpaper are not growing or reproducing.

Road trip it is. Some amusing bits at the B&B from hell, plus sweet stuff at Harvard. Still, kinda feels again like filler before we get to the heart of things. Where’s Max? How is he holding up? Need the info!

2.5 – “Nick & Nora / Sid & Nancy”
Lorelai: Ugh, Jess, let me give you a little advice. The whole ‘my parents don’t get me’ thing, I’ve been there.
Jess: You have, huh?
Lorelai: Yes, I have. I’ve also done the ‘chip on my shoulder’ bit. Ooh, and the surly, sarcastic, ‘the world can bite my ass’ bit, and let me tell you, I mastered them all, in heels, yet.

Enter Jess, Luke’s bad boy nephew. Wonder if he’ll come between Rory and Dean…

2.6 – “Presenting Lorelai Gilmore”
Lorelai: Are you two completely out of your mind? There is a ceremony going on in there. Young girls in ugly dresses and stupid fans are parading around in circles for God knows what reason, and you two are ruining it.

Rory in a debutante gown and long gloves, coming down ballroom stairs? Aww… I’m liking these guest appearances from her dad too, yet another way of completing that big puzzle that is Lorelai’s life.

2.7 – “Like Mother, Like Daughter”
Rory: Mom, come on, what happened. Did you talk to him?
Lorelai: I did. I told him that he was completely out of line with this treatment of you, that you are not a loner freak, you have plenty of friends, and you don’t own a long black leather Matrix coat, and they should fall down on their kneesocks everyday that you deign to show up at that loser school.

Rory’s accused by the Chilton honchos of not socializing enough, so she “mixes it up” with some of the other kids… who happen to be the Puffs, the most popular girls of the school. Ooh, more Mean Girls vibes!

2.8 – “The Ins and Outs of Inns”
Lorelai: Are we late?
Luke: We’re two minutes early.
Rory: We should get a prize for being on time.
Lorelai: Hey, Luke, let’s go back to the diner and have pie as a reward!
Luke: Then we’d be late.
Lorelai: A funny conundrum, but I want pie!

Lorelai and Sookie find it more complicated than expected to open their own inn, and Jess is causing more trouble for Luke – and Rory?

2.9 – “Run Away, Little Boy”
Lorelai: I mean it. Today is the day we finally spring for the Powerpuff Girls shotglasses.

Rory, Paris and the gang are mounting a production of “Romeo & Juliet”. Meanwhile, the Lorelai-Luke thing is still veeeeery slowly evolving…

2.10 – “The Bracebridge Dinner”
Rory: Oh, we have to rent Godfather 3 on DVD.
Lorelai: You’re kidding.
Rory: In the audio commentary, Coppola actually defends casting Sofia.

It’s the snow! And sleighs! And Old English! Kind of a gimmicky episode, but pleasant enough. Rory’s not very nice to Dean, though, making pretty eyes at Jess and stuff…

2.11 – “Secrets and Loans”
Lorelai: You had no right to bring it up!
Rory: Why?
Lorelai: Because I told you not to, that’s why!
Rory: But -.
Lorelai: No, there are no buts! There will be no buts here! There’s ‘I’m sorry Mom’, there’s ‘I screwed up Mom’, there’s ‘I’ll never do it again Mom’, but there are no buts!
Rory: But –
Lorelai: Out!

Big fight between mother and daughter… But they make up soon enough, heh. Oh, Lane’s a cheerleader now. Crazy.

2.12 – “Richard in Stars Hollow”
Richard: Who’s going to help Rory get into Harvard?
Lorelai: Reese Witherspoon.

Interesting episode, showing how retirement can make a man feel obsolete. There’s some funny stuff with Rory and Paris, too.

2.13 – “A-Tisket, A-Tasket”
Lorelai: He seems cool because he’s got this dangerous vibe and this problem with authority and he’s seen a lot of Sylvester Stallone movies.
Rory: Oh my God.

I’m liking the antagonism between Dean and Jess. With a gal as lovable as Rory, no wonder guys are fighting over her! Good stuff between Sookie and Jackson as well. It’s an older, more “ordinary” couple… realistic. Hopeful.
Also: You know what’s kinda funny, considering the quote above? Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Jess, also plays Stallone’s son in “Rocky Balboa”. Heh.

2.14 – “It Should’ve Been Lorelai”
Lorelai: Or we could sit in the corner, you know the mafia table, so that no one can come up behind you and whack you with a cannoli.
Rory: Whack you with a cannoli? Oh, because he left the gun and took the cannoli.

Man, the WPM is insane on this show! They just throw all these references, asides and witticisms at you at high speed and you just have to try and keep up. Loving it.

2.15 – “Lost and Found”
Luke: Six windows, all on one side, three o’clock in the afternoon, we’re sittin’ in an oven.
Jess: So we get curtains.
Luke: Well, you’d have to help me put them up.
Jess: Great! Then we can hold hands and skip afterwards.
Luke: Stop saying that!

Dude, I just understood something disturbing. Why is a girl (like Rory) more attracted towards a bad boy (like Jess) than a good guy (like Dean)? Good guys are boring! I’m not a bad boy, but I’m not a good guy either, I’m just some dude so… I don’t know what that means.

2.16 – “There’s the Rub”
Lorelai: Now, let’s talk about what you’re gonna do tonight. Throwing a party, I hope? Inviting hundreds of bikers and lowlifes who are gonna trash the place?
Rory: I am going to do laundry, watch TV, order Indian food and go to bed early.
Lorelai: And then come the bikers and lowlifes who are gonna trash the place?
Rory: I may even fall asleep on the couch with the TV on.
Lorelai: When do the bikers and lowlifes get to trash the place?
Rory: You’re all packed.
Lorelai: Rory, you have to do something bad when Mommy’s out of town. It’s the law. You’re seen Risky Business, right?

Hey, so the Palladinos are getting the show taken away from them after Season Six… I’m so behind! This is still early in the series, good stuff, I’m thinking it’s still got quite a way getting better… But I love these characters and all the banter. Yeah.

2.17 – “Dead Uncles and Vegetables”
Lorelai: It’s repetitive.
Rory: And redundant.
Lorelai: It’s repetitive.
Rory: And redundant.
Lorelai: We certainly are entertaining, Mac.
Rory: Indubitably, Tosh.

Town stuff, the return of the long-haired hippie, Sookie is sucked into “Emily World”… Plus, Luke has to take care of the funeral and burial of an uncle and he starts wondering whether, he being as much of a grumpy loner as the old fart was, he’ll also die alone. Yeesh.

2.18 – “Back in the Saddle Again”
Lane: I’m not going to be a salesperson. I want to do something cool!
Rory: Then sell refrigerators.
Lane: So not funny.

Grampa Gilmore gets involved with a school business project and finds his match in Paris. Meanwhile, Dean is more of an over-attentive doormat than ever… Not that yo can’t understand his aching for more attention from lovely Rory.

2.19 – “Teach Me Tonight”
Kirk: I don’t know if you know this about me, but I have a very creative mind.
Lorelai: I did not know that about you, Kirk.
Kirk: It’s true.

“a film by kirk” is one of the funniest sequences on the show so far, with artsy B&W cinematography, the always entertaining Jon Polito and great use of the song White Lines. Otherwise, I still love Rory, like how she’s a perfect student but also interested in the punk movement, old movies and the town’s bad boy, heh.

2.20 – “Help Wanted”
Lorelai: I need real food, peasant food, hearty bread, meat, cheese, little pickle chips, sauce, a special sauce. This is the food that sustains me, this is the food of my…
Rory: Oh my God, just eat the burger already!
Lorelai: How crabby!
Rory: I’m not crabby.
Lorelai: I didn’t even get through my special sauce speech. That’s crabby.

Lorelai helps her dad settle in her new office, doing secretary stuff, while Rory is getting used to her cast – but not to how everyone blames Jess for it.

2.21 – “Lorelai’s Graduation Day”
Rory: Okay, just let me take a shower and get the horrible smell of this horrible day off of me, and then we’ll go anywhere you want, my treat, and I won’t enjoy it. And then we’ll come home and I’ll go straight to bed and I’ll have a terrible night’s sleep, okay?
Lorelai: Sounds great.

Wow, good little girl Rory is full of surprises, cutting school and going to New York to hang out with a certain bad boy, ooooh. Meanwhile, Lorelai graduates from community college. Will Rory make it back from the Big Apple in time?

2.22 – “I Can’t Get Started”
Lorelai: Mom, look, isn’t Rory pretty?
Richard: Apologies all around. I could not get Adamson off the phone.
Lorelai: Dad, glad you’re here. We’re just talking about how pretty Rory is. Big eyes, baby. Give him the Bambi face.

This season-ending episode is full of big moments: Sookie’s wedding, Paris running for school president, Lorelai and Chris getting it on… and Rory kisses Jess! Ohmygod. I can’t wait to see what comes out of that.

NEXT: SEASON THREE (or not — I am watching it (and Season Four, Season Five, Season Six, etc.), just not writing these meaningless blurbs anymore…)

But I did jot this down after watching the Series Finale:

[ Gawd, I haven’t cried this hard since… well, the “Six Feet Under” finale. There’s something about spending years and years with characters you love, they become as close as friends and family and when you have to say goodbye… A perfect ending to a near-perfect series. ]