Half Baked

This is the most trippy comedy since “Up In Smoke”. You guessed it, it’s about potheads. There’s Dave Chappelle (who also co-wrote the movie) as a toking janitor who has to choose between pot and pussy, Guillermo Diaz, a brash Latino working in a fast-food joint, Jim Breuer, a constantly high as a kite dude who works at a record store, then there’s Harland Williams, a kindergarten teacher who’s sent to jail, breaking the gang’s bong-based routine. To bail him out, they decide to steal a huge amount of weed and to become drug dealers, but their stupidity really gets in the way…

This leads to a series of hilarious scenes, and the film is also really inventive and colorful. You get lotsa cool visuals, references and in-jokes, as well as tons of cameos, from folks like Willie Nelson, Snoop Doggy Dog, Tommy Chong and Steven Wright, who spends the whole film sleeping on the potheads’ couch. Highlights include the opening (the gang’s first joint!), an hysterical “Jerry Maguire” spoof and a ’60s “Batman”-style fight. But mostly, the best thing about the flick is Chappelle, one funny motherfucker!