I Know What you Did Last Summer

Who would have thought this movie was any good? The reviews are awful, the plot seems as B as it gets and the title itself is absolutely ridiculous. But what do you know, this is actually one of coolest flicks of 1997 (as in “Con Air”/”Starship Troopers”-cool, meaning popcorn cinema). I’m sorry I missed it when it came out. When I caught it on video, I sure had a blast.

“I Know What You Did Last Summer” works surprisingly well as a “dark morality tale”. On the 4th of July, 4 teenagers from a fishermen village party like there’s no tomor-row. There’s Julie (Jennifer Love Hewitt), a witty and cute girl-next-door; Helen (Sarah Michelle Gellar), the dazzling beauty queen; Barry (Ryan Phillipe), a take-no-shit rich boy; and finally, Ray (Freddie Prinze Jr.), a more down to earth kid. Party goes awry when the gang’s car hits dead a jaywalker. After consultation, they decide to get rid of the body and make a pact not to ever talk about it again. But one year later, Julie receives a note: someone knows what happened, and he’s determined to mess with the gang’s minds.

This could have been just an excuse for gore, but it actually leads to a series of unexpected twists. Williamson is one hell of a writer. His characters are fun, his dialogue sounds right and he sure knows how to scare the hell out of you. I have absolutely no idea who director Jim Gillespie is, but the man’s as efficient as Wes Craven. The visuals are interesting and the thrill scenes are effectively crafted. Plus, the cast kicks ass. Hewitt and Gellar are talented as well as extremely sexy, Phillipe is cool and Prinze… well the less said about him the better. And man, the villain sure is wicked! I’m not dumb enough to tell you who it is, but let’s just say that he’s always dressed as a fisherman, with the raincoat and rubber boots and hat. I just love the way he guts and stabs people with his deadly hook! I highly recommend this film. It might not be in Godard’s ballpark, but heck, who cares about old Jean-Luc on a Saturday night?