Kelly Clarkson – behind hazel eyes

”Kelly’s ultimately, like, the greatest to her fans. We can relate to her and, uh, she’s ultimately an amazing person and we want to get to know her.”

Ask and you shall receive: here’s Kelly Clarkson’s brand new DVD, offering a sneak peek into her professional and personal life. Right from the opening minutes, you can’t help falling under her charm. Yes, she’s pretty and she has a killer voice, but she’s also funny and wonderfully down to earth.

We first follow her as she goes back to her elementary school in Texas for the first time since fourth grade. She’s very giddy and candid in recalling the old days, like her first time on stage, dancing to Prince’s When Doves Cry (no footage of that, alas). Kelly’s kind of a dork, but that’s what’s so lovable about her. Enough with snotty divas and slutty poseurs! Kelly’s just a sweetheart, natural and healthy and full of contagious joie de vivre.

Clarkson’s nostalgic journey continues, with stops at the family house, her high school, a zoo where she once worked, etc. Good times with Kelly. We then see her at work: sigining autographs, going to the “Princess Diaries 2” premiere and spending time with fans, glamming up for a photo shoot, writing songs, singing them in the recording studio and performing them live – more good times!

Bonus features include an amusing blooper reel, Kelly’s video diary of a camping trip with her girlfriends (dig the “Best in Show” meets “Survivor” irreverent testimonials!) and the making of the Breakaway music video.

“Kelly Clarkson – behind hazel eyes” will be available everywhere Tuesday, March 29, 2005…

But send me an e-mail explaining why YOU love Kelly and why YOU should get the DVD and you could win it here first!

UPDATE:The response has been surprisingly great, thanks to all those who entered. Congratulations to Erin from Ottawa!