For some reason, this is the least known film of the Farrelly brothers, who made the hilarious Jim Carrey vehicle “Dumb & Dumber” and the blockbuster gross-out comedy “There’s Something About Mary”. But don’t think that this film is any less funny. The always enjoyable Woody Harrelson is a drunk-ass slob who used to be a pro bowler, back in the funky 70s. That didn’t make his main competitor very happy, so the guy, played by the awesome Bill Murray, screwed him real good, and Harrelson ended up with his bowling hand missing. But now, some 20 years down the line, Harrelson might have found the way to get back on his feet. He meets Randy Quaid, a naive young Amish who happens to be an extremely good bowler. Harrelson convinces him to let him be his coach, and they hit the road on their way to a huge bowling competition. They’re also joined by Vanessa Angel, a real piece of ass who may or may not be trying to con them.

Okay, so this is an odd, if not stupid story, but who gives a crap: the film is so funny! Peter and Bobby Farrelly are one of these filmmakers who will do anything for a laugh. They’re constantly throwing jokes and gags, some gross and blunt, some more subtle. It doesn’t all work perfectly, but the film packs enough big laughs to redeem itself. And something that most critics don’t point out in comedies is that one of the essential things is sincerity. If this film was just about goofy hair, artificial hands and bull cum, I’m not sure it would be as fun. It’s the fragile friendship between Quaid and Harrelson that holds the comedy together. Furthermore, the Farrelly are actually really good directors. Kingpin is an original, refreshing film with a lot of style and a really cool soundtrack. You won’t believe the big tournament at the end, with all the lights and lasers, and the bowlers who look so stupid but take themselves so seriously! This is truly a laugh-your-ass-off comedy not to be missed. Gene Siskel actually put it on his year-end Top Ten!