Money Talks

Chris Tucker plays a loud mouthed high pitch hustler who scalps tickets from a car wash. His fun is spoiled when a would-be shock reporter (Charlie Sheen) arrives with a camera crew and the cops to break his business. Tucker is brought to the police station, and before long, he’s in a bus to jail. But the ride ain’t gonna be mellow. Tucker’s chained to a notorious criminal on board who planned an escape. Everyone is killed but the pair, so the cops issue a warrant on both, even though Tucker ain’t responsible. His only way out is to join with Sheen and prove his innocence on screen. Yet, it won’t be that easy. Sheen and Tucker will run from trouble to trouble, whether it’s among Sheen’s rich in-laws or Tucker’s street buddies.

This movie is totally unbelievable and it rips off from dozens of previous pictures. It’s as B as can be. Still, it’s pretty damn fun. The direction ain’t classy or anything but the visuals are satisfying and the soundtrack is really cool. The action scenes are over the top and the bodycount is enormous. But the film’s real pleasure is its humor. It never takes itself too seriously. Sheen isn’t the best actor in the world, but he’s a good straight man to Chris Tucker, who’s really funny. He never stops a second, he’s always bullshitting around. The cast also includes Heather Locklear and Paul Sorvino, both good. So I admit that the film resembles a lot all these ’80s buddy action comedies like “48 hrs” and “Lethal Weapon”, but it’s still fun.