Inherent Vice

As a diehard Paul Thomas Anderson fan looking forward to his upcoming film, I bought Thomas Pynchon’s book a year ago and eagerly started reading it… then gave up less than halfway through. Still, I figured Anderson would manage to make “Inherent Vice” feel less pointless and uninvolving than on paper. Unfortunately, the big screen adaptation bored me nearly as much as the original novel. Continue reading Inherent Vice

The Interview

A few days ago, when I posted my year-end Top Ten, I included a Special Mention to “The Interview”, sight unseen, because I felt it was one of the most important movies of 2014 if only because motherfucking terrorists were trying to stop us from watching it. I won’t go into the whole saga surrounding the Sony hacks and whatnot, but the fact is that in the end, the movie was released in a few hundred independent U.S. theatres as well as online on sites like YouTube. Freedom! Continue reading The Interview