Roger & Me

I have seen the Devil. His name is Roger B. Smith. Alright, I might be going a bit far, but though this son of a whore might not be the Prince of Darkness, there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s morons like this guy that will lead the world to its end. Watching this film, I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh, cry or buy a gun, drive down to Detroit and shoot the guy in the head. Mkay. Roger B. Smith is the chairman of General Motors (well, he was 10 years ago, I haven’t done any research to see what he’s up to now). You know, GM, the big American cars that pollute our air. Anyway, the film tells us that GM was actually founded in the small town of Flint, Michigan. Oh, the American spirit. America, Home of the Free… Free to make money by any means, at least. It’s capitalism, baby. If Roger B. Smith and all the other old, white fat cats are the Devil, capitalism is their hellish kingdom. I’m not saying that we should go communist or anything, but you gotta be fricking thick-headed not to realize that people almost always take the capitalism thing way too far. While it’s supposed to be about giving Everyman the opportunity to do whatever he wants with his money, to start a business and become rich (ah, the American Dream…), the way things are turning on, it does the exact opposite thing. What we get is a mean, inhuman minority or businessmen who rule the money world with an iron fist and will run Everyman into the ground any day if it can up the bottom line. Free enterprise is one thing. Putting profit over people is another.

Thank God for Michael Moore. His documentaries and TV shows most probably won’t change the dumbass American corporate thinking, but it’s still mighty delightful to have the bulgy, baseball cap wearing Moore fucking with the fat cats and exposing their hypocrisy. Michael Moore was born and raised in Flint, and for some years, life was good. The huge automobile industry gave the town a strong economical drive, and employed a large majority of its people. And then it happened… Roger Bitch Smith decided that his company needed to make even more billions of profit every year. Greedy bastard. So he figured, hey, let’s close down factories in America, where you actually have to treat your employees with a minimum of respect, and reopen them in glorious Mexico, where you can hire people that will work for 70 cents an hour. Ain’t the man a genius? So 11 plants were closed in Flint, leaving 30 000 honest workers without a job. Men with houses, and families. Dead broke. Left high and dry. Stupid corporate thinking… You know what’s the worst with capitalist assholes? Their HYPOCRISY. It’s already lousy enough not to care about people and be selfish and worry about nothing but you and your friends having more money than you can spend and go golfing and have fancy dinners and buy shit you don’t need while people work like dogs to survive and others starve on the street. That sucks, but evil is a reality hard to deny. But when the same no-good fascists put on a happy face and pretend all’s good and they care about the little people, I wanna smack them behind the head, no, punch their teeth in actually. I know, I know, I’m angry. Better warn you, if you watch Michael Moore’s brilliant “Roger & Me”, you’ll be pissed too. Where was I? Yeah, what I hate with a vengeance is when the oppressors invite the media to a some place, a hospital or a small town or something, and smile and kiss babies and mock-talk to Everyman for five seconds while the camera’s on then jump back in their limos to go wash the middle class off their Ivory skin. %%#$@*(!@ !!!

So back to Michael Moore, my hero. When GM screwed his community in the ass, he stood up and decided to give them their comeuppance. Maybe he can’t stop them from exploiting people and filling their already fat pockets, but he figured he could at least raise awareness. Moore saw (any half-smart person would) that GM was pure evil, and was rightfully shocked to see them trying to convince us that they had to close the plants, it’s just business, we live in a material world and I’m a material girl. So he decided to show the real deal, to tell the TRUTH. Not to play the media’s ostrich game and to get right down to business. His goal is to actually get an interview with Roger B. Smith, and try to bring him to Flint so he sees how he destroyed a whole community. Of course, Roger’s too much of a weasel to talk unless somebody wrote down a speech for him and all’s set up and well. But Moore is a wonderful dynamo, and he doesn’t quit. He keeps trying to get to the guy, and gets stop by various security guards and others. A thought: what the hell’s up with ‘private property’? Through the film, Moore keeps getting stopped and asked to go on the sidewalk, outside the building and so on because he’s on private property. What kind of stupid reasoning is that? What does that tell you about a corporation and its bosses if they won’t even let anyone see or talk or approach them?

Yet if Moore doesn’t get to Smith, he creates an amazing documentary by poking and digging around the issue. He shows what the layoffs have done to Flint. It becomes the American town with the highest violent crime rate and the most unemployment, and Money magazine names it the worst place to live in America. We see people being evicted of their houses, literally thrown on the street (there’s even a family evicted on Christmas), stores boarded up, abandoned houses… People move out, and the city slowly dies. This could have been a bitter, depressing film, but Moore decided to make it a satire. Satire is often the best way to point out how screwed up our society is, as it shows how absurd some behavior is. And since this is a documentary, it’s even more ridiculous and pathetic what some people can be like. Like, Flint’s going down the toilet, and check what various authorities and tax-wasting officials have to make it all better. They pay a preacher 20 grands to lift the unemployed people’s spirits. There’s a big parade, with Miss Michigan waving at poor people sitting in front of all the closed stores. They open up tourist attractions like Auto world, where people can see what their town was like before the plants closed. Ronald Reagan invites some people on welfare to have pizza. Pat Boone performs in concert. Cheers! They tell people they could work at Taco Bell. Or become Amway distributors. Or since there’s so much crime, become prison guards in the new, bigger jail. And the night before the jail opens, bourgeois scumbags hold a ball in the prison and pay 100$ to spend it the night. Oh, the humanity!

“Roger & Me” is a brilliant film. Not only is it smart, incisive, subversive and irreverent, as well as effectively written, directed and edited by Moore, but it’s simply one of these movies that everyone MUST see. This is a film that’s not afraid to address important issues. Watching masterpieces like this is sweet revenge against the Man. Just watching the news make it obvious that businessmen and politicians are manipulative demons right out of George Orwell’s 1984, using doublespeak to fool people into thinking that their unforgivable abuse is good for the country or whatever. But in the end, they care much much much more about money than about the lives of their workers. And people fall into the trap! They close their eyes and their ears, it seems, and ignore that there’s something rotten in Denmark. Well, a film like “Roger & Me” screams what They try to hide. For once, They’re the ones being laughed at. “Roger & Me” is relentless, thought-provoking and unforgettable. It’s a wake-up call for you and me and all of us that struggle while Roger B. Smith and other American corporations fat cats enjoy the luxurious stuff they bought with the fortune they steal from us. SEE THIS MOVIE TODAY. FIGHT THE POWER!