Six Feet Under Season 5


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5.1 “A Coat of White Primer” (2005) 82
[ WTF? Ruth put George in the nuthouse, Brenda and Nate are getting hitched, Claire is moving in with Billy, David and Keith are adopting? It feels like I missed a whole chunk there in between seasons! Oh well, I’m all teary-eyed already, so hey. Love the three siblings smoking pot, the wedding on Vicadin, Lily Taylor’s ghost… Plus gorgeous cinematography and the best cast on TV, again and still. ]

5.2 “Dancing for Me” (2005) 74
[ You know that thing where a character goes off at another, yelling how s/he REALLY feels, then it cuts back to them having a calm little conversation? I don’t know how many times they’ve done that in five seasons, but I keep falling for it. ]

5.3 “Hold My Hand” (2005) 76
[ Kid abandoned by depressed mother grows up to be all fucked up, like in “The Hours”. Sad… Hey! Illeana Douglas is back! Love her. Also dig the parallel time-bombs around Ruth and Claire, mother and daughter living with a “crazy person” who might totally lose it at any moment. ]

5.4 “Time Flies” (2005) 77
[ Happy birthday, dear Nate… Now, let’s all get into fights with each other. Man, these people can not be happy for a minute! Bummer. ]

5.5 “Eat a Peach” (2005) 72
[ Who’s the kooky surrogate mother? [ looks her up on IMDb ] Oh, Jennifer Elise Cox – she’s hilarious! Meanwhile, Rico’s being a manipulative bastard, Brenda’s being a temperamental bitch, Claire is wasting her days smoking pot and watching TV… Not a great episode. ]

5.6 “The Rainbow of Her Reasons” (2005) 76
[ Patty Clarkson and Kathy Bates are back and they got Ruth hitting the bong (!), while Claire is temping in an office… and she sings about pantyhose, too. Bizarro! ]

5.7 “The Silence” (2005) 71
[ Couples fight, singles feel lonely, no one’s happy, another week on Six Feet Under. ]

5.8 “Singing for Our Lives” (2005) 77
[ Nate and Breanda are going to Quaker church service? Huh. Nate likes the peace there… and with Maggie. Vanessa is pussy-whipping Rico, who kinda deserves it. Claire dates a guy from work who doesn’t seem like a total fuck-up (yet), and they go to her old art school buddies’ show. Keith and David are getting used to their boys. We’re getting into the last stretch of the series and things are picking up and- OH DAMN! ]

5.9 “Ecotone” (2005) 83
[ This is awful… but this is great. Great, awful drama. Everyone was getting too comfy, especially by Six Feet Under standards. This is major, heartbreaking, character-revealing stuff. ]

5.10 “All Alone” (2005) 88

5.11 “Static” (2005) 75
[ Everyone’s unravelling. You’d think they would have ended with, you know. I mean, it’s not like they can emotionally top the previous episodes, can they? But it’s fitting that things would just keep getting more fucked up… ]

5.12 “Everyone’s Waiting” (2005) 92
[ Wow. Emotionally topped, alright. And hope, at last. Well, everyone you’ll ever love still ends up dead eventually, but hey.

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