Tenacious D: The Complete Master Works

The greatest band on Earth has now put together the greatest DVD in the history of digits, video and/or disks. This two-disk phenomenon will blow your ass out, make you cream your jeans, give you 29 orgasms and, if you’re ovulating, most probably knock you up – that’s how potent the D is!

Jam-packed with rocket sauce, inspirado and pure RAWK!, “The Complete Master Works” is more exciting, hilarious and inspired than just about everything playing in multiplexes. Jack Black is the Zeus of comedy AND music, and Kyle Gass completes him perfectly gag for gag and riff for riff.

This life-altering package includes:

– The legendary and epic recital at London’s Brixton Academy
– The complete groundbreaking HBO series about the D’s rise to fame
– 3 gloriously juvenile and disgusting short films
– TV appearances on Mad TV, Crank Yankers and Conan O’Brien
– The music videos for “Tribute”, “Wonderboy” and “Fuck her Gently”
– A “Tenacious D in the studio” featurette”
– A 30 minute documentary about the D on tour.

What more can I say? This is the greatest and best DVD in the world, buy it!