THE TOP TEN FILMS OF 2004 according to Alexandre Caron

01. La meglio Gioventù (the best of our youth part 1 and 2)
Finally a good italian film without all the stereotypes. The story is simple, we follow two brothers and their family during a 40 year period. The film is 6 hours long, but at the end, we wanted more.

02. Kill Bill Vol. 2
For David Carradine and the magic touch of Quentin Tarantino.

03. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The story, the dialogue and the cast are very good. It’s just a very good film to watch.

04. Non ti muovere (Don’t move)
The best film a saw at the Montreal film festival this year. Penelope Cruz and Sergio Castellito make a great couple on screen. Let’s mention the performance by Cruz and her physical transformation.

05. Before Sunset
Again, great couple on the screen. Great dialogue, great acting and short and sweet.

06. Shaun of the dead
Good thing we have the British to make us laugh so much!

07. Vera Drake
Vera Drake is such a great character, we love her so much. And again, it’s simple, the cast is amazing, It’s a very nice film.

08. Collateral
I like Michael Mann a lot, but i did’nt like his film before “Collateral”, “Ali”. But “Collateral” puts Mann back on the map. This action film is very good, and Jamie Foxx and Cruise are doing a great job.

09. Sideways
Again, great dialogue, great story and a good cast.

10. The Aviator
Not the best film of Scorsese, but he’s still a great storyteller and a great director.

SPECIAL MENTION: I Heart Huckabees

Best Ensemble: La meglio Gioventu

Best supporting Actor: David Carradine

Best Actor: Paul Giamatti

Best actress: Imelda Staunton

Best supporting actress: Kate Winslet

Best CDs

Marianne Faithfull, Before the Poison
Nick Cave and the bad seeds, Abattoir Blues/Lyre of orpheus
Rufus Wainwright, Want two
Tom Waits, Real Gone
Wilco, A ghost is born
Arcade Fire, Funeral