The Toxic Avenger

<There's no way this movie can be this good. I mean, this is a Troma flick, for God's sake! Lloyd Kauffman's dirt cheap studio is responsible for some of the most abominable pieces of junk to ever have pretended to be movies. They made teen sex romps that made "Porky's" seem like art, action flicks less exciting than the ceiling of the rare theaters that showed them, comedies so unfunny that you wanna kick yourself in the crotch, and various other trashy flicks with amusingly fucked up premises but not worth the celluloid they were shot on. The guys at Troma did occasionally get lucky and distribute cool flicks like Trey Parker's "Cannibal: the Musical", but those are exceptions. And then there's "The Toxic Avenger", which is simply one of the most embarrassingly entertaining movies I've ever seen!

It's about this geek Melvin who works as a janitor in a health club, still lives with his mom and is always picked on, espcially by a group of dim-witted jocks whose hobbies include turning old people crossing the street and bicycling kids into roadkill. One day, Melvin inadvertly falls into into toxic waste, and he turns into a big and mean mutant mofo: the Toxic Avenger! Armed with a mop, the deformed but freakishly strong Toxie walks the streets, killing every bad guy on his path. OK, the story is laughable, but it's still superior to the usual Troma crap. The script is full of funny dialogue and the gore scenes are surprisingly inventive. I also love the gallery of cool criminals, especially the two badass Black dudes, one bald and cigar-chomping, the other with a Band-Aid on his nose and a bandana on his afro. The actors look like they're really having fun playing those extremely cruel but dumb thugs.

There's also a totally hilarious sentimental side to the story, when Toxie rescues, fall in love with and fuck a blind chick. It's actually one of the most romantic films ever produced… Not! It's just a gross, highly entertaining movie. Lloyd Kauffman's direction is crass but inventive. The action scenes are very fun and exciting, and Toxie is such an awesome character! He looks so disgusting, yet he acts like a goof, making the character kind of endearing. Every scene in the film kicks ass besides a few bits of slapstick I could have done without. One of my favorite moments is the coffee shop robbery. You have to see the sadism and the stupidity of those robbers, and Toxie's attack on them is very cool and violent. The songs of the film are great too, if you like cheesy pop tunes from the 80s at least. See "The Toxic Avenger", now. You know you want to, don't fight the temptation.