Wake Up, Ron Burgundy

“There are stories, epic and grand stories, that are forever lost in the sands of time, forgotten or changed by cruel kings who can hear only the whispers of these lost legends. Still, other tales become too frightening for future generations to impart to their young. But other stories are lost to us because they don’t test well with recruited audiences or because a movie is too long and the story must be cut for time. This is one of those tales.”

It turns out that during the shoot of Anchorman, they shot so much material that they wound up with enough for a 3 hour movie! Since comedies tend to work better at a brisk 90 minutes, countless gags, jokes and adlibs hit the cutting room floor. Now they’ve been reworked into a full-length sorta-sequel coming out on DVD at the same time as the movie you saw and loved in theatres.

So we get more ass-slapping, more scotch-chugging, more silly news segments and more hilarious one-liners (my favorite: “I’m having a fondue party – in my pants.”). There’s also a whole subplot that was cut out of the original film, involving Saturday Night Live’s Maya Rudolph as a member of bank-robbing radical group The Alarm Clock, who are pissed off at the Man, TV and Burgundy himself. Meanwhile, Ron goes into investigative journalism (“Rip the lid off of it!”), which doesn’t work out too well, leading to him hitting bottom (again). Veronica then gets kidnapped by the Alarm Clock and it’s up to Burgundy to save her (again).

Many of the “new” bits are clearly just extended or alternate versions of scenes from “Anchorman” and it’s a bit confusing how this “lost” movie is supposed to take place after the first one, yet it still seems like Ron and Veronica are going through their first date/break-up/makeup-etc. Still, this is a lot more fun than a bunch of deleted scenes randomly thrown together… Which we get anyway! That’s right, once you’re done with “Wake Up, Ron Burgundy”, there’s still almost an hour of extra bits and pieces on the DVD. The laughs just keep on coming!

“An astute observation has led to laughter! We are laughing! And it is continuing, and then slowing down a little, but there’s still a good spirit. It’s getting less. There’s a little chuckle… and it’s done.”

“You really wreck moments when you do that, Ron.”