While not quite on the level of last year’s “The Fighter”, this remains a very affecting take on some of the same themes.

“Warrior” follows two underdogs, an ex-Marine living off the grid (Tom Hardy) and a teacher (Joel Edgerton) who’s been hit hard by the economic crisis, as they enter a winner-takes-all mixed martial arts tournament, the twist being that they’re estranged brothers.

This potentially melodramatic and improbable story manages to remain grounded and engrossing thanks to the raw and gritty approach favoured by writer-director Gavin O’Connor (“Miracle”, “Pride and Glory”) and to the powerful performances by Hardy and Edgerton, plus the heartbreaking, Oscar-worthy turn by Nick Nolte as their father.

Chances are that the climax, set to The National’s Around Today, will leave you in tears.