Who Am I?

Jackie Chan is cool. He’s certainly not as good as he thinks he is, but he’s still an amazing movie star. He’s one of the few actors able to light up the lamest of films. Many of his pictures are indeed stupid and unoriginal, but the action scenes are always very exciting and Jackie is funny and charismatic. How else could a flick with this silly a plot be fun to watch? Jackie Chan stars as a super military agent for some elite task force who’s sent with 9 other men on a commando mission in the African jungle. They have to capture three scientists and their invention, an extremely lethal weapon that takes its power from fragments of a meteor. They succeed, but their superiors don’t want any witness so they terminate the team. Of course Chan survives, yet he knocks himself out and loses all his memories. But it won’t take long before he finds himself in one fucked up position, stuck between a cute rally driver, a journalist, CIA agents, local police officers and various other people who are basically just there to fight Jackie.

I didn’t understand much of the story, which doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it doesn’t matter. It’s just fun to watch Jackie use the most surprising of props in combat and to laugh at the amusing misunderstandings. The film was written and directed by Chan (who’s a lame writer but generally the best at directing himself), who’s apparently trying to make his own 90s American action flick à la Bruckheimer. Personally, I don’t think that explosions and stuff aren’t necessary in a Jackie Chan vehicle, because his wacked out choreographs are much more impressive than the most expensive digital FX. This isn’t quite Chan’s best film, but it features well enough nifty bits to be very and satisfying. I loved especially the sequence in which Jackie has to fight and escape bad guys while restrained in handcuffs, the insane car chase, the fight in Rotterdam involving flights of stairs and a lot of shoes. As for the final rooftop showdown, it’s simply one of the most amazing fights I’ve ever seen. Add Jackie funnily asking “Who am I?” ad nauseam and the bloopers over the end credits, and you’ve got terrific entertainment.