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2003 LOG (11)

(2 Nov) Un Zoo la Nuit (1987, Jean-Claude Lauzon) 19
(3 Nov) À Corps Perdu (1988, Léa Pool) 22
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(3 Nov) The Matrix Revolutions (2003, Andy & Larry Wachowski) [ review ] 81

(4 Nov) Emporte Moi (1998, Léa Pool) 49
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(5 Nov) The Fellowship of the Ring (2001, Peter Jackson) [ review ] 93

(5 Nov) The Two Towers (2002, Peter Jackson) [ review ] 94

(6 Nov) Maelstrom (2000, Denis Villeneuve) 6
[ Denis Villeneuve is the abortion of cinema, a pretentious film school poseur capable of nothing but pseudo-profound hogwash, masturbatory stylistic flourishes and oh-so-ironic pop music cues. Even Marie-Josée Croze, so luminous in "Les Invasions Barbares", is an empty bore here. ]

(6 Nov) Rire et Châtiment (2003, Isabelle Doval) 32
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(7 Nov) Elf (2003, Jon Favreau) 38
(7 Nov) Elephant (2003, Gus Van Sant) 44 [ review ]

(7 Nov) In the cut (2003, Jane Campion)
[ Watched only 20 minutes of it – yeah, THAT 20 minutes. Seemed like by-the-numbers sexual thriller fodder, except with Meg freakin' Ryan showing the goods. Heh. ]

(7 Nov) 18 ans après (2003, Coline Serreau) 40
(7 Nov) Pas si grave (2003, Bernard Rapp) 65
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(10 Nov) Ichi the Killer (2001, Takashi Miike) [ review ] 91

(11 Nov) Le piège d'Issoudun (2003, Micheline Lanctôt) 53
[ A morally ambiguous drama about the meeting of a desperate woman who drowned her two young children and a policeman trying to help her. The way the story unfolds is sometimes contrived, but Sylvie Drapeau and Frédérick de Grandpré offer solid performances and the film makes intriguing use of theatrical fantasy scenes inspired by a Grimm tale. It could have done without the ridiculously overblown opening titles, though. ]

(12 Nov) Love Actually (2003, Richard Curtis) [ review ] 55

(12 Nov) La Fleur du Mal (2003, Claude Chabrol) 62
(12 Nov) Ni pour, ni contre (bien au contraire) (2003, Cédric Klapisch) 28
(13 Nov) Le lait de la tendresse humaine (2001, Dominique Cabrera) 53
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(13 Nov) Millennium Actress (2003, Satoshi Kon) 77
[ Juggling fiction and reality, past and present, this simple story of a Japanese actress with a crush on an elusive rebel painter becomes a surreal epic of eternal love. This gorgeously animated feature fascinatingly incorporates the look and feel of a dozen genres, from period melodrama to samurai, war, geisha, fantasy, noir, sci-fi and even Godzilla movies! ]

(14 Nov) Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003, Peter Weir) [ review ] 68

(14 Nov) Laisse tes mains sur mes hanches (2003, Chantal Lauby) 65
(14 Nov) Ah! Si j'étais riche (2002, Michel Munz/Gérard Bitton) 29
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(15 Nov) Eight Crazy Nights (2002, Seth Kearsley) 21
[ I usually enjoy Adam Sandler's movies, but this holiday-themed cartoon is uninspired, juvenile and mean-spirited. I guess the same could be said of every other Happy Madison productions, yet they generally possess a certain wit (really!) that's absent here. Worst of all, this just ain't funny. I didn't even laugh once, only the songs sometimes made me smile faintly. ]

(17 Nov) Nez Rouge (2003, Érik Canuel) [ review ] 57

(18 Nov) À tout prendre (1963, Claude Jutra) 92
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(20 Nov) The Cooler (2003, Wayne Kramer) [ review ] 53

(24 Nov) Daddy and Them (2001, Billy Bob Thornton) 49
[ Miramax sat on this movie so long that since Billy Bob Thornton wrote, directed and starred in it, he broke up with then fiancé and co-star Laura Dern, married Angelina Jolie, then divorced her. Films delayed so long then dumped straight to video carry the stench of mediocrity, but you know what? "Daddy and Them" is not so bad. In fact, Billy Bob's pretty damn funny as an alcoholic white trash ex-con whose wife (Dern) is always on his ass about screwing her sister (Kelly Preston), even though that was 20 years ago. The movie is choppy and uneasily swings between broad satire and pathos, but the dancing monkey alone made me laugh more than all of "Elf" or "Bruce Almighty". ]

(24 Nov) À hauteur d'homme (2003, Jean-Claude Labrecque) [ review ] 88

(26 Nov) Shattered Glass (2003, Billy Ray) [ review ] 67

(26 Nov) Timeline (2003, Richard Donner) [ review ] 29

(28 Nov) Bad Santa (2003, Terry Zwigoff) [ review ] 62

(30 Nov) Groove Squad (2003, Pat Ventura) 23
[ Cheap-o Powerpuff Girls/Sailor Moon knockoff about bubbly cheerleaders who turn into super-heroes when they drink fruit smoothies. It's as silly as it sounds but nowhere near as fun. ]

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