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2006 LOG (5)

(1 May) Tout pour plaire (2006, Cécile Telerman) 3
[ Reviewed for Voir ]

(1 May) Gilmore Girls 2.17-2.19 (2002) [ review ]

(3 May) South Park 10.7 (2006, Trey Parker) 64
[ CARTMAN - "Okay! I'm sorry I handcuffed Billy Turner's ankle to a flagpole and then gave him a hacksaw, and then told him I had poisoned his lunch milk and that the only way he could get to the antidote in time would be to saw through his leg."
CARTMAN'S MOM - "That's very naughty, Eric." ]

(4 May) The Aristocrats (2006, Paul Provenza) 69
[ Scat, incest, bestiality, ultra-violence... You know, shit'n'giggles. Hard to pick favorites in this marathon telling of the same dirty joke by dozens of comedians, but the mime is hard to beat! Also love the versions by Trey Parker, Sarah Silverman and Gilbert Gottfried. "Of course she's gonna be bleeding!" ]

(5 May) Mission: Impossible III (2006, J.J. Abrams) 67 [ review ]

(6 May) Beyond the Sea (2004, Kevin Spacey) 70
[ I'm not sure why I didn't see this before, as an unabashed fan of musicals, but the hilarious glimpses of Kevin Spacey in the "Superman Returns" trailer made me hunger for more Spacey goodness. What better than an all singing, all dancing Spacey as crooner Bobby Darin - and, bonus, Kate "Lois Lane" Bosworth as Sandra Dee. The movie itself is pretty damn cool, deconstructing the biopic genre (this is more of a candy-colored fantasy than a straight life story) while running through all the hits. "Give her the real thing!" ]

(8 May) The Warrior (2005, Asif Kapadia) zzz
[ Kind of a Hindi version of "Shogun Assassin" (feudal enforcer goes rogue, faces his former partners' wrath, etc.), this has some nice cinematography, a moody score and a strong lead performance by Irfan Khan, but it feels plodding even though it lasts only 86 minutes. This might be the most passive and bloodless film with "warrior" in the title ever. ]

(8 May) Gilmore Girls 2.20-2.22 (2002) [ review ]

(9 May) Art School Confidential (2006, Terry Zwigoff) 73 [ review ]

(10 May) Just My Luck (2006, Donald Petrie) unlucky 13 [ review ]

(11 May) Commando (1985, Mark L. Lester) [ review ] 100

(13 May) Back to the Future (1985, Robert Zemeckis) [ review ] 95
Those TVA classics, man... 1985! Next, I gotta buy the box set again (gave the first one to my dad) and watch part 2 and 3!

(15 May) Back to the Future part II (1989, Robert Zemeckis) 69
[ Part of the Directors Series ]

(16 May) Maria Candelaria (1943, Emilio Fernandez) 72
(16 May) Rio Escondido (1947, Emilio Fernandez) 81
[ Reviewed for Voir ]

(17 May) Cars (2006, John Lasseter) 63 [ review ]

(18 May) The Da Vinci Code (2006, Ron Howard) 65 [ review ]

(20 May) Over the Hedge (2006, Tim Johnson & Karey Kirkpatrick) 83 [ review ]

(22 May) On a Clear Day (2006, Gaby Dellal) 49
[ Reviewed for Voir ]

(22 May) Gilmore Girls 3.1 (2002)
Haven't decided yet if I'm gonna keep blurbing those…

(23 May) X-Men: The Last Stand (2006, Brett Ratner) 90 [ review ]

(25 May) Fetching Cody (2006, David Ray) 77
[ Reviewed for Voir ]

(25 May) Lady Vengeance (2006, Park Chan-wook) 72
[ A bloody tale of female revenge, which jumps back and forth between the time its protagonist spent in jail and what she gets up to once she's released. "Lady Snowblood" meets "Out of Sight"? This sounds like kind of a mess, and it is. Oh, the storytelling is skilful (at least in the first half), the visuals are striking, it makes great use of classical music and dry, black humor, and Lee Yeong-ae is absolutely brilliant (and gorgeous) in the lead. Where the film goes a bit wrong is after the big reveal. In "Oldboy", it occurred about 15 minutes before the end, but here there's a whole hour of diminishing tension after said reveal. There are still powerful moments after that, but it's hit and miss, and the ending is underwhelming at best. ]

(29 May) Back to the Future part III (1990, Robert Zemeckis) 80
[ Part of the Directors Series ]

(31 May) A History of Violence (2005, David Cronenberg) [ review ] 93

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