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2006 LOG (11)

(2 Nov) American Hardcore (2006, Paul Rachman) 55
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(2 Nov) South Park 10.12 (2006, Trey Parker) 64
[ 2546 OTTER - "This is the dawning of the sea otter! Know this, timechild: I shall smash your skull like a clam on my tummy!" ]

(6 Nov) Harsh Times (2006, David Ayer) 70
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(7 Nov) The History Boys (2006, Nicolas Hytner) [ review ] 68

(8 Nov) I'm Your Man (2006, Lian Lunson) 76
[ I'm a huge fan of my homeboy Leonard Cohen, so this Mel Gibson-produced (he's such a whore for Jews!) concert film/documentary/tribute was pure joy to me. The presence of Rufus and Martha Wainwright, the McGarrigle sisters, Antony, Nick Cave and U2 is just gravy, man. ]

(11 Nov) South Park 10.13 (2006, Trey Parker) 72
[ ERIC CARTMAN 2546 - "No, see, I know it's a stupid idea, because I actually did freeze myself and, you were right Kyle, it backfired and I was frozen for 500 years and now I'm calling you from the future." ]

(12 Nov) La vie imaginée de Jacques Monory (2006, Jennifer Ayllen) 67
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(13 Nov) For Your Consideration (2006, Christopher Guest) [ review ] 43

(13 Nov) Casino Royale (1967, Val Guest, Ken Hughes, John Huston, Joseph McGrath & Robert Parrish) 21
[ Whoaaaa, what a mess! Yeah, let's make a James Bond movie with 8 writers, 5 directors and 3 actors alternately playing Bond. First at the bat is David Niven, stuttering his way through roomfuls of Scottish babes to major boredom. Then Woody Allen has an amusing enough coupla scenes and Peter Sellers does his thing all right, but nothing really connects. Nowhere near as well as anything in the "Austin Powers" trilogy, that's for sure. I did get a kick out of watching Orson Welles (doing magic tricks!) as Le Chiffre, though. ]

(14 Nov) Casino Royale (2006, Martin Campbell) [ review ] 75

(15 Nov) South Park 10.14 (2006, Trey Parker) 80
[ I've said this before and I'll say it again: beyond the brilliant socio-political satire and the sheer vulgarity, Trey Parker's at his best when he's spoofing movie clichés. This 'sode is the ultimate Might Ducks flick in 22 minutes. The kid players aren't just lousy, one has cancer and wants the team to win one game before he passes away -- cue the violins! And yes, the coach (Stan!) has a hidden trauma from when he used to play pee-wee hockey himself: "Imagine If There Was One Game. One Chance To Make Everything Right. Stan Marsh Has Been Given That Chance. But To Win, He's Gonna Have To Put Out All The Stops, In: STANLEY'S CUP. Rated R." ]

(16 Nov) Deck the Halls (2006, John Whitesell) 12
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(16 Nov) Lost and Delirious (2001, Léa Pool) [ review ] 91

(18 Nov) Edmond (2006, Stuart Gordon) 53
[ Definitely swimming in the same waters as "Taxi Driver" or "Eyes Wide Shut", but Gordon is hardly a Scorsese or a Kubrick. Bill Macy's solid and Dave Mamet's script is pretty tight (even though it's obvious it was originally a play), but this is more of a riff on violent sexual alienation than a full plunge into it. This is exploitation flick horror instead of real horror, you know? Still, it flows, as rough as it is, and the resolution to the racist undercurrent is damn confounding, in a good way. ]

(20 Nov) Dreamgirls (2006, Bill Condon) [ review ] 92

(21 Nov) Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny (2006, Liam Lynch) [ review ] 90

(23 Nov) The Fountain (2006, Darren Aranofsky) [ review ] 94

(24 Nov) A Year in the Death of Jack Richards (2006, B.P. Paquette) 71
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(27 Nov) The Illusionist (2006, Neil Burger) 73
[ The other magician flick of 2006, this might not be on the level of "The Prestige", but it's still a pretty damn potent work of sleight-of-hand with exquisite, painterly cinematography and art direction, a typically brilliant score from Philip Glass and solid performances from Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti and Jessica Biel. I figured out the mystery rather early on, but I couldn't get enough of the gorgeous craftsmanship and the touching love story. ]

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