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2007 LOG (3)

(1 Mar) The Last Mimzy (2007, Robert Shaye) 23
[ Read my interview with Shaye in Voir ]

(2 Mar) Zodiac (2007, David Fincher) [ review ] 59

(5 Mar) I Think I Love My Wife (2007, Chris Rock) 41
[ Reviewed for Voir ]

(5 Mar) 300 (2007, Zach Snyder) 68
[ Reviewed for Voir ]

(6 Mar) No Holds Barred (1989, Thomas J. Wright) 35
[ Whoa, this is so hilariously dumb, macho and ridiculous, it makes "Road House" look like "Casablanca"; it makes "Rocky IV" look like "Raging Bull"! Hulk Hogan, man... ]

(8 Mar) South Park 11.1 (2007, Trey Parker)
[ BUTTERS - "Fellas! Fellas! Come quick! Cartman is gonna fight the midget!" ]

(12 Mar) la Môme (2007, Olivier Dahan) 32
[ La vie en rose? La vie morose is more like it. ]

(13 Mar) Fido (2007, Andrew Currie) 50
[ George A. Romero does Douglas Sirk, or is it the other way around? The juxtaposition of 1950s Americana and flesh-eating zombies is amusing, but this is one of those movies that just keep going back to the same high-concept gag over and over, with diminishing returns. ]

(15 Mar) Échangistes (2007, Simon Boisvert) 66
[ Reviewed for Voir ]

(15 Mar) South Park 11.2 (2007, Trey Parker)
[ CARTMAN - "I went home to alter the picture of me with Butters' penis in my mouth to look like Kyle, and it was GONE! I swear to God Kyle, if you don't give it back right now, I'm gonna break your fucking Jew legs right here!" ]

(16 Mar) À vos marques... Party! (2007, Frédérick D'Amours) 64
[ Reviewed for Voir. ALSO: my interview with D'Amours and screenwriter Martine Pagé ]

(20 Mar) Pride (2007, Sunu Gonera) 71
[ Sport movies: you've seen one, you've seen them all. You got your determined coach and his ragtag team, then the proven three-act structure (1- humiliation, 2- progress, 3- minor setback followed by victory, moral or otherwise). Nothing to see here, move along... Or not. Because when this formula is well executed, it's unbelievably effective, moving and inspirational. Sport as a metaphor for life? Works for me. "Pride" has got all that going for it, plus added emotional weight anchored in the Afro-American experience, great period reconstitution ('70s clothes, afros, etc.), an awesome funk & soul soundtrack, wonderfully textured cinematography and another imposing, soulful performance from the amazing Terrence Howard. ]


(21 Mar) Requiem pour un beau sans-coeur (1992, Robert Morin) 85
[ What a bloody great flick. Think of a ruthless gangster movie, say, "GoodFellas", but with much more lowlife, street-level, heck, down in the gutter criminals. Plus, make it more intimate, the character study of a sociopath - think "Taxi Driver", if we're to stick to the Scorsese canon. But we can't do that, because there's no way I can avoid bringing up "Rashomon", as Morin has that multiple versions of the same story thing going on. Except that he doesn't go for just 3 but 8 different points of view, and most of the film is in actual POV shots from each of those characters: a young boy, a cop, a tabloid reporter, an old lady, a lawyer, a stripper, a factory girl, a henchman... And finally, the man who's at the centre of all their lives for the couple of days over which the movie takes place, a recently escaped jailbird masterfully played by Gildor Roy. Gripping and thought-provoking, "Requiem" is one of many Morin pictures that wonderfully plays around with the boundaries between film and video, fiction and documentary, comedy and tragedy. Plus there's a must-see cameo from a young Grégory Charles! ]

(21 Mar) South Park 11.3 (2007, Trey Parker)
[ KYLE - "That's retarded! You didn't come up with that experiment, Cartman, you saw it in that movie The Thing! ]

(22 Mar) The 13th Warrior (1999, John McTiernan) 57 [ first viewing: 29 ]
[ When I first saw the flick 5 years ago, I dismissed it as a "Muddy, dark, mostly dull story about Vikings, cannibals and crap." All that still applies but, upon this Jean Carlo-prompted second viewing, I gotta admit I somewhat underrated it. Once you know you won't get much of a story or character development, you can sit back and enjoy the quality of the craftsmanship, the basic coolness of the concept (Arab dude + Norsemen vs. bear-like "eaters of the dead") and the badass, gory action. ]

(26 Mar) The Lookout (2007, Scott Frank) 80
[ Reviewed for Voir ]

(28 Mar) Les cavaliers de la canette (2006, Louis Champagne) 50
[ Reviewed for Voir ]

(28 Mar) Fast Food Nation (2006, Richard Linklater) 42
[ Part of the Directors Series ]

(29 Mar) South Park 11.4 (2007, Trey Parker)
[ SECRET SERVICE DIRECTOR - "We do this my way! I'm the one in charge!"
KYLE - "Not anymore you're not."

(31 Mar) Are We Done Yet? (2007, Steve Carr) 9
[ Or: A Further Instalment In How Ice Cube Went From N.W.A. To N. Without Attitude. Seriously, man, how can you go from gangsta rapper to modern-day Chevy Chase? Dignity, always dignity. ]

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