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2008 LOG (3)

(2 Mar) Clint Eastwood, le franc-tireur (2008, Michael Henry Wilson) 65
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(3 Mar) Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (2008, Bharat Nalluri) 79
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(5 Mar) Funny Games (2008, Michael Haneke) [ review ] 77

(7 Mar) O Ano em Que Meus Pais Saíram de Férias (2006, Cao Hamburger) 62
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(8 Mar) UPA! Una película argentina (2007, S. Giralt, C. Toker & T. Garateguy) 43
(8 Mar) Stellet Licht (2007, Carlos Reygadas) 91
(9 Mar) El Custodio (2006, Rodrigo Moreno) 46
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(10 Mar) Sleepwalking (2008, William Maher) 0
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(12 Mar) Americano (2007, Carlos Ferrand) 80
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(13 Mar) South Park 12.1 (2008, Trey Parker)
[ CARTMAN - "I'm not just sure, Butters, I'm HIV positive!" ]

(13 Mar) Año uña (2007, Jonás Cuarón) 51
(15 Mar) El Rey de la montaña (2007, Gonzalo López-Gallego) 56
(16 Mar) La Señal (2007, Ricardo Darín) 44
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(18 Mar) Snow Angels (2008, David Gordon Green) [ review ] 90

(19 Mar) South Park 12.2 (2008, Trey Parker)
[ SOME DUDE - "Britney was chosen a long time ago to be built up and adored, and then sacrificed. For harvest." ]

(20 Mar) 3:10 to Yuma (2007, James Mangold) 80
[ Based on an Elmore Leonard story, this Western pits the badass Christian Bale against a badass Russell Crowe, in a battle of wills and six-shooters, natch. The story's pretty classic, part "Rio Bravo", part "High Noon", with an outlaw being held prisoner while his gang tries to break him out and the upcoming arrival of a train acting as the movie's clock. But this is clearly a modern take on the genre, for better or worse, with more flash and action... Mangold's direction is effective, if not particularly epic, lyrical or distinctive. On the other hand, the acting is less stiff than that of the likes of John Wayne and Gary Cooper -- I could watch Bale and Crowe all day. And while some of the plot turns are iffy, that final showdown is pretty damn awesome. ]

(23 Mar) 3 amis (2008, Michel Boujenah) 3
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(25 Mar) Run Fatboy Run (2008, David Schwimmer) 34
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(26 Mar) le fils de l'épicier (2008, Eric Guirado) 75
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(26 Mar) South Park 12.3 (2008, Trey Parker)
[ BOOBAGE KING - "This must be decided at the Breastiary, in Nippopolis." ]

(28 Mar) The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962, John Ford) 70
[ Fuddy-duddy attorney/dishwasher/professor/senator James Stewart and badass gunslinger John Wayne both want to stop dirty bastard Lee Marvin, but one wants to use the law while the other figures a coupla bullets would do just fine. That's a potent premise, and it's a hoot to see these very different movie stars share the screen. But I gotta say, I'm not the biggest John Ford fan. The man was a skilled craftsman, who made perfectly fine pictures, don't get me wrong. But his movies often feel a bit too staged, with square storytelling and hammy supporting performances. Still, the three leads are solid, and the brilliant last act kicks it up a notch. "This is the west, sir. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend." ]

(29 Mar) Superhero Movie (2008, Craig Marzin) [ review ] 1

(30 Mar) Travelling Light: Artists on the move (2008, Tamàs Wormser) goddamn hippies...
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(31 Mar) Antonio Gaudí (1984, Hiroshi Teshigahara) 68
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