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2009 LOG (3)

"I've been blessed with many things in this life: an arm like a damn rocket, a cock like a Burmese python and the mind of a fucking scientist."

(2 Mar) Eastbound & Down 1.3 (2009, David Gordon Green)
[ Definitely my favorite new TV show. As I wrote before, my being a huge David Gordon Green fan barely has anything to do with me enjoying the show, as the direction is pretty straightforward. It's all about Danny McBride, whom I think I could watch strut around and berate people forever. ]

(3 Mar) Dédé à travers les brumes (2009, Jean-Philippe Duval) 65
[ Reviewed for Voir (sort of) ]

(4 Mar) Sex Drive (2008, Sean Anders) zzz
[ Teen sex comedies are one of the lowest form of entertainment, save for a few superior examples of the genre ("Weird Science", the "American Pie" flicks, the masterpiece that is "Superbad"). This, alas, is the bottom of the barrel, as stupid, unfunny and boring as it gets. I got a free screener of it and I still feel like I've been ripped off. This piece of shit makes "Road Trip" look like goddamn "Easy Rider". ]

(6 Mar) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004, Michel Gondry) [ review ] 94

(7 Mar) Watchmen (2009, Zack Snyder) [ review ] 92

(8 Mar) Dawn of the Dead (2004, Zack Snyder) 70
[ Part of the Directors Series ]

"You should see my fucking cookouts, man. When I was back in Seattle, I had the goddamn Spoonman from the Soundgarden video coming to my shit... I'm talking six grills burning at all times, tiki torches, three whole pigs, fucking shitloads of macaroni and cheeses, baked potatoes, colored greens, the whores, fucking Puerto Rican chicks showing their pussy and tits off everywhere. They were amazing!"

(9 Mar) Eastbound & Down 1.4 (2009, David Gordon Green)
[ I'm loving Danny McBride's steroids-mad Kenny Powers more and more, but the supporting cast is also growing on me, from sidekick Steve Little to dweeby principal Andrew Daly to all the hilariously slutty female characters (Katy Mixon, Sylvia Jefferies). All together, they make this into the best episode so far. ]

(11 Mar) South Park 13.1 (2009, Trey Parker)
[ MICKEY MOUSE - "You're lying! I'll cut you up!" ]

(15 Mar) RIP!: A Remix Manifesto (2008, Brett Gaylor)
[ A fun and persuasive documentary about how outdated copyright laws are in this age of mash-ups, video remixes, sampling, collage and other forms of cultural jamming. And in a great example of not just talking the (girl) talk but also walking the walk, Brett Gaylor is giving his film away online AND encouraging people to reedit it if they want to on ]

"From this moment forward, people's champion, the Shelby sensation, the reverse Apache master, the Man with the Golden Dick, Dr. Cock and Balls... That Kenny Powers is now dead, and he will never pick up a baseball ever fucking again."

(16 Mar) Eastbound & Down 1.5 (2009, Adam McKay)
[ Just like in "The Office", an obvious influence on this series, every episode seems to make the protagonist more ridiculous and more pathetic, but also curiously more endearing. That's another thing the McBride's got going for him: as shameless and over the top as his portrayal of Kenny Powers can be, it's also surprisingly grounded and heartfelt. This episode also happens to bring back Will Ferrell, plus it features the priceless Craig Robinson as Kenny's nemesis, which leads to one hell of a hardcore showdown! ]

(17 Mar) Grande Ourse - La clé des possibles (2009, Patrice Sauvé) 86
[ Reviewed for Voir (sort of) ]

(19 Mar) South Park 13.2 (2009, Trey Parker)
[ I've said it before and I'll say it again, Trey Parker is one of the best pop culture satirists there is. Forget all those dumb fucks making stupid spoof movies: beside Edgar Wright, Parker seems to be the only one who know how to take a genre inside out in a clever and hilarious way. In this episode, he pokes fun at all the recent superhero movies (The Dark Knight, The Spirit, Watchmen) and he gets it all right: the look, the music, the tone... Kudos, sir. ]

"Fuck me! This is seriously like the best wave of good shit that has ever happened to my whole entire life: I knock Mackworthy's eye off, then I get to see April's big ass tits and have sex to her... It's like all the horrible, disgusting shit I had to put up with here is finally paying off!"

(23 Mar) Eastbound & Down 1.6 (2009, Jody Hill)
[ And so it ends, just like that. Of course, it's too bad that this first season is so short (6 half hours), but at the same time, I respect co-creators Jody Hill, Ben Best and Danny McBride's decision to follow the example of Ricky Gervais's "The Office" (and "Extras") and keep the audience wanting more with these hit-and-run seasons, instead of needlessly stretching things out. And this last episode is awesome and, again, Gervais-style, it works on multiple levels, tying things up and leaving them open at the same time in a way that's both funny and sad. We'll miss you, Kenny Powers. Until next time... ]

(25 Mar) South Park 13.3 (2009, Trey Parker)
[ CARTMAN - "Did somebody say catch a Jew?" ]

(27 Mar) Almost Famous (2000, Cameron Crowe) [ review ] 94 [ previously: 92 ]

(29 Mar) Daredevil (2003, Mark Steven Johnson) [ review ] 68

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