Montreal Film Journal

2011 LOG (7)

(2 Jul) Milocrorze: A Love Story (2011, Yoshimasa Ishibashi) 70

(3 Jul) The FP (2011, Trost Bros.) 66

(4 Jul) Ninja Kids!!! (2011, Takashi Miike) 64
[ Adapted from manga/anime series "Ninja Rantaro Flunks Again", this is sorta-kinda what a "Harry Potter" movie would be like if it was directed by Takashi Miike. Telling the story of a boy's first year at Ninja Academy and subsequent involvement in a conflict between a family of hair stylists and assassins, "Ninja Kids!!!" is colorful, alternately goofy and brutal (although in a cartoonish way), full of ridiculous characters (including a "friendly ninja trivia commentator"!), kind of messy but mostly a lot of fun. ]

(6 Jul) Post Grad (2009, Vicky Jenson) 19
[ Here's a hopelessly formulaic flick that's not even sure what formula it's trying to follow. The title and initial premise suggest that's it's about the trials facing college graduates when they enter the job market... But then this seems to be forgotten about until, late in the game, the protagonist (Alexis Bledel playing a slight variation on Rory Gilmore) is handed the job of her dream on a platter - only to quit shortly afterwards. Why? You guessed it, a boy. Because that's the other thing: "Post Grad" is also a romantic comedy about a girl caught beween a sexy, older Brazilian man (Rodrigo Santoro) and her lifelong BFF (Zach Gilford), who has long been in unrequited love with her... Again, you can guess where this is going. On top of the half-assed graduate story and predictable rom-com, "Post Grad" poorly attempts to be one of those quirky family comedies à la "Little Miss Sunshine" or "Juno". But even though the supporting cast should be awesome in theory (Michael Keaton, Jane Lynch, Carol Burnett, J.K. Simmons, etc.), they're stuck with one-dimensional roles, lifeless dialogue and hardly any plot to speak of. Instantly forgettable. ]

(10 Jul) Kaboom (2010, Gregg Araki) 3
[ If some film school dipshit had directed this embarassingly bad gay hipster knockoff of "Donnie Darko" about young people fucking, mysterious men in animal masks and visions of the end of the world, it would be one thing. But isn't Gregg Araki getting a bit long in the tooth to be making such juvenile, self-indulgent schlock? ]

(11 Jul) The Whisperer in Darkness (2011, Sean Branney) 68

(12 Jul) Retreat (2011, Carl Tibbetts) 77