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Following 85
[ I'm only seeing this on the eve of the release of "Batman Begins", the latest step in Nolan's climb to the A-list, but I should have gone for this much sooner. It's the rare debut that's got it all: an intriguing concept, brilliant execution and lasting impact. The more widely seen "Memento" did this as well and so do Nolan's studio pictures, but it all starts here, back when the English filmmaker had no great reputation, experience or resources to fall back on and still knocked it out of the park.

"Following" tells the story of a wannabe writer who, somewhat at random, starts following strangers. This habit soon grows out of control and he's spotted by one of his subjects, a philosopher burglar of sorts, who accosts him and demands to know what the fuck he's doing stalking him. I wouldn't dare spoil what follows, but this is one twisted story.

Stark B&W photography, crisp dialogue and moody music make this kind of a neo-noir, with a post-modern slant in the Gen-X slacker central character, minimalist electronic score and scrambled chronology. ]

Memento 90
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Insomnia 82
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Batman Begins 90
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The Prestige 91
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The Dark Knight 93
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Inception 94
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