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May 87
[ Creepy, gory, fucked up? Oh yeah, but more than anything this is sad sad sad. From the first time you see her, your heart aches for little May. Sheltered by her cold mother, ostracised by other kids because she's "weird", friendless but for a porcelain doll... What's saddest of all is that she's still full of love and hope, especially after she meets Adam. Suddenly everything is sweet and funny and sexy... But you just know this can't end well, yet you can't look away. Between the confident visual style, greatish music cues and Angela Bettis's amazing performance, and Anna Faris hot as hell as May's lesbian coworker ("Do you like pussy... cats?"), it's all the more disconcerting that this movie barely saw a release. Now that it's out on DVD, hopefully it can become the cult film it should be, like "Carrie" or "Audition". ]

sick girl 80
[ More creepy-sad Angela Bettis, more great music (including Plywood ¾'s L'amour 220 volts), more lesbians... Plus a whole lotta bugs! McKee describes his episode of Masters of Horror as "a romantic-comedy version of THE FLY," and it's as funny weird awesome as it sounds. Especially enjoyable is Misty Mundae, surprisingly affecting in her first major non-erotic role as a hippie artist chick who grows insect-like, falling ear and all. ]

The Woods 77
[ review ]

[ This was released straight to DVD, I've yet to see it at one of my local video stores but I'll keep my eyes open. ]