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Pi 80
[ Wow, it's amazing how closely this mirrors "Requiem for a Dream" stylistically: the frantic inserts, the spaced out tracking shots, the paranoid editing, the Clint Mansell music... Except that Aronofsky's first film is in B&W, and it's about mathematics and nature and the stock market and religion and patterns and chaos and game theory and insanity and genius... Oddly enough, there are elements of both Ron Howard's "A Beautiful Mind" and "The Da Vinci Code" in there, minus the former's biopic bullshit and the latter's pulpy plotting. This is quite the debut for Aronofsky, fully announcing a major new filmmaking voice, even though in the end, it kind of just fizzles out instead of leaving us in a state of shock and awe, like his subsequent pictures would. ]

Requiem for a Dream 92
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The Fountain 94
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The Wrestler 91
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