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Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy 85
[ I thought Will Ferrell was one of the funniest men alive all through his Saturday Night Live run and I liked the bits parts he's played over the years, but I found "Elf" shockingly unfunny. Since then, I've been wondering if maybe Ferrell's brand of lunacy worked only in short doses, like a SNL skit or a cameo in someone else's flick. Not to worry, my friends, it turns out that Will can be consistently hilarious for 90 minutes, he just needs more than tired fish-out-of-water silliness and holiday schmaltz.

With "Anchorman", Ferrell's written himself a perfect vehicle for his shameless overacting. There was also obviously much room left for improvisation, and the atmosphere is one of barely controlled insanity. Ferrell's hard-drinking, ass-grabbing anchorman is surrounded by an equally misogynistic and moronic news team, and Paul Rudd, David Koechner and especially Steve Carrell are almost as game and funny as Ferrell. Then there's Christina Applegate, who's stuck with the straight part of the ambitious journalist who threatens Channel 4's little boys club, but there's hardly such a thing as "straight" in this movie so she gets to do silly stuff too. The film also features the great Fred Willard, SNL's Chris Parnell and Fred Armisen, Ferrell's "Old School" co-stars Luke Wilson and Vince Vaughn, and a great cameo by Jack Black.

Director and co-writer Adam McKay does a relatively good job at making this into an actual movie instead of a series of funny scenes. The film is set in the ‘70s and it's not only reflected in the attitudes, bad hair and tacky style, McKay has actually shot his film to look like it was made in the ‘70s. There's also some truly over the top bits involving gladiator weaponry, jazz flute and grizzly bears, but there's no point in me running down a list of the countless things that made me laugh. Great Odin's Raven, just go see the damn movie! ]

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