Best Movies for Children

The best movies for children are those which appeal to a dual audience. Timeless children’s classics are just that “ timeless “ because they are made to be watched and enjoyed by the whole family through the ages. Children’s author C.S. Lewis once wrote that œa book that is worth reading only in childhood is not worth reading even then; the same can be said of films as well. That is why some great children’s titles in film have endured, and will continue to endure, more than others.

It’s hard to choose a top title from Disney’s huge range of successful children’s films, but there are some that have a wider and longer appeal than others. The cream of the crop has to be animated classic The Lion King, which appeals to both genders and to any age, with adult themes that can be understood by and yet not frightening for younger children.

Disney simply cannot be avoided when considering children’s films, with hundreds more traditionally animated movies like The Lion King. When it comes to CG animation, however, there is only one film (and hugely successful franchise) that made animation studio Pixar, now a part of the Disneyverse, a huge household name in children’s films. It is, of course, Toy Story “ one of the only film franchises where each sequel has been almost as good (if not as good!) as the first.

Speaking of hugely successful series, Dreamworks animation is another provider of great children’s films, with their iconic title being Shrek and its successive instalments. Although in the past Dreamworks has struggled to match Pixar’s success in children’s output, How to Train Your Dragon is another example of a top quality children’s movie from this studio and should be on every parent’s list as one to watch.

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