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What a letdown! I know purists are gonna hate me for this, but I don't get this flick. Okay, you got a killer on the loose in a small town who slashes babysitters, then is stopped, all that on Halloween day. Okay, that's a good starting point for a film... but that ain't much of a story for a whole film, and the film is lamely written. Okay, young people alone in big houses. A killer with a mask and a knife. And there's the rules as we now know them: you have sex, you die; you say "I'll be right back", you're dead. And the good virgin kills the horrible killer. The end.

Plus, the cast is so boring. They're all B actors with no future except Jamie Lee Curtis, who deserves her scream queen nickname, but she doesn't save this film. Neither does John Carpenter's direction. I do like his style, and I appreciate all these long Steadycam shots through the killer's point-of-view. Carpenter's score is also cool, but that's it. It's all rather boring and pointless. I wasn't entertained, I wasn't scared, nothing! I'd rather watch "Scream" again, at least it has the good sense of not taking itself seriously.


so i just saw your review for Halloween, and you are right you are hated for it, well maybe not you but whichever one of you wrote it. How am I supposed to take your site seriously when the first review i read refuses to acknowledge one simple fact. IT WAS THE FIRST! First to use the 1st person view, First to write the "rules" as the cast of Scream outlines for you. It was an indie film, ever seen texas chainsaw, the original, also a first, can't you see the difference? Pay respect where respect is due. Especially to break out directors who create something out of almost nothing. There would be no Scream, Jason, Freddy, or any of a billion other imitators, all with bigger budgets who built replica slasher flicks off his idea. Pay attention to your history. If you did then you would know to watch the first and second together. It's truly a two part movie. The first one had to be slower, because people hadn't really seen shit like that before and 5 years before when exorcist came out people were fuckin' hospitalized and if you've seen that its 3 hours of..."my daughter's possessed, No she's not, she's sick, no she's mental, ok yeah shes possessed, get out foul spirit." seriously, that's it. Know the world of which you speak....or shut up