Montreal Film Journal


1- Since the "Full Frontal" cast and crew only had 18 days to spare to make this "movie" that audiences still have to pay full price to see, I'm giving myself a break and keeping my review down to 18 sentences (including this one!).

2- If Steven "twice-best-director-nominee- the-same-year" Soderbergh's objective was to put an end to his streak of success, mission accomplished.

3- Turns out there's a reason why there wasn't any footage in the trailer: the "movie" looks like a crappy home video!

4- There's something wrong with your "movie" about a movie within a movie when we'd rather be watching any of the movies-within-a-movie than the actual movie around them.

5- Despicable, cynical L.A. people aren't more enjoyable on screen than in real life.

6- Try as he might, Soderbergh doesn't do anything here deserving of being mentioned in the same breath as Truffaut's similarly themed (but infinitely better) "Day for Night".

7- Or The Player.

8- Or Get Shorty

9- Or Bowfinger.

10- You get the point!

11- Awful wig or not, bad lighting or not, Julia Roberts still can't play anyone else than Julia Roberts.

12- If the über biatch character Catherine Keener plays in every movie was getting old, having her have a nervous breakdown on top of it is even more obnoxious.

13- And if Frasier's David Hyde Pierce wants to stop being referred to as Frasier's David Hyde Pierce, he should play something else than parts that call to mind Frasier's David Hyde Pierce.

14- Nicky Katt is kind of amusing as an actor playing the Fuhrer in a play, but the whole thing was funnier when it was called "Springtime for Hitler".

15- In maybe three minutes total (including an out-take at the very end of the credits), Brad Pitt is more enjoyable than anyone else who spends the movie whining...

16- Except maybe Blair Underwood, who somehow achieves to outshine probable-original-casting-choice Denzel Washington in his portrayal of a black movie star deploring racial double standards in Hollywood.

17- Long story short, "Full Frontal" gives a bad name to "art" "movies" everywhere.

18- But hey, there's always the upcoming "Solaris", which reunites Soderbergh with George Clooney, the star of his two best movies.