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Marvel Hits the Jackpot with Civil War, But Still No Sign of a Dedicated Game

We’ve seen a slew of impressive Marvel films of late. However, maybe Captain America: Civil War tops the list with some impressive character development, the inclusion of a new crime fighting superhero and some internal fighting. In 2015, Marvel released Ant Man, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Fantastic Four. It was a stellar lineup last year, but the comic book giants are set to outdo…

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Freddy got fingered (OFCS)

DISASTER/MASTERPIECE: “Freddy Got Fingered” by Kevin Laforest It’s been advanced that insanity and genius are two sides of a same reality, two somehow intertwined extremes. Tom Green’s oeuvre is a good example of that. From his original Canadian show to its reinvented MTV version, Green made a name for himself by pulling the most demented stunts, be it humping a dead moose, putting a horse’s…

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