Oh man! This is so bad! This film is so badly written and directed that it would suck even if it was a TV movie. The only reason it was made is because it’s the first film of Francis Ford Coppola’s nephew Christopher. It’s about a con man who accidentally kills his father/partner during a scam and then goes to work for his uncle Lou, who’s putting together a huge job. The son, Joe, also has to handle a bunch of possibly threatening people, namely Eddie, a psychotic thug, and his temptress girlfriend Diana.

This film is pure B trash that tries to be a witty neo-film noir à la “Reservoir Dogs”. But it just crawls in gore and pointless sex, as well as boring twists. Well, what can you do… At least, the cast is interesting. Michael Biehn plays Joe, Peter Fonda and Charlie Sheen are bit players, but there’s one performance not to be missed. Who else but the best actor of all time, Nicolas Cage, who plays the deranged Eddie. Cage must know how bad this film is, but at least, he tries to pump some excitement into his part. It’s undeniably one of his most over the top performances. Wearing an ugly wig, sunglasses and pukey suits, he keeps getting high as a kite and screaming his lungs out. Every second Cage’s on-screen, the film gets riveting. He’s just so cool as this pissed loser! Think of Dennis Hopper’s “Blue Velvet” character, only weirder! Unfortunately, Cage doesn’t have such a big role (he’s killed after an hour). Still, his performance alone is almost enough to make this dud a worthy rental.