John Cleese wrote, produced and starred in this particular movie, and every critic flipped out. “The best comedy in years!” “Funny as hell!” Right? Wrong! It’s a caper about the theft of 13 million pounds in diamonds by 4 unlikely criminals. There’s Wanda, a sultry vamp who uses her sex appeal to get what she wants. She’s accompanied by her lover Otto, a mentally challenged neurotic. These two Americans have to pretend to be only brother and sister to be part of the robbery that’s being cooked up in England by George, a British crook who has a major boner for Wanda. The last thief is Ken, a stuttering animal lover. So the bunch steal the jewels and George stashes them. Wanda and Otto are thinking double-crossing the others. Their plan is to rat on George to the police and then flee with the loot.

Well, that’s not all that original, but it could make an enjoyable film. Unfortunately, it’s awfully written. The whole film is about Wanda trying to learn where the diamonds are hidden by seducing George’s lawyer, while Otto is playing jealous. Ken, for his part, tries to kill an old lady who witnessed the robbery. That’s it. Ain’t it ridiculously shallow? At least, it could be funny, but it barely is that. Of course, the cast is enjoyable. I kinda dug Kevin Kline as Otto, especially when he’s bashing the British. Wanda is played by Jamie Lee Curtis. She has some good lines, but not much. As for John Cleese and his fellow English co-stars… I’m sorry, but I find them absolutely dreadful in this film! They were so much better in the much wilder Monty Python flicks. This here is so stiff! Altogether, the film is a rather painful experience. I don’t get what the buzz is about. The worst Pauley Shore movie is actually funnier than this piece of forgettable crap.