Movie Infos
Title: Batman Forever
Year: 1995
Director: Joel Schumacher
Writer: Lee Batchler
Val Kilmer
Jim Carrey
Tommy Lee Jones
Nicole Kidman
Chris O’Donnell

Time: 122 min.
Genre: Crime / Fantasy / Action / Adventure

A not so bad new entry in the “Batman” series. This time, Bruce Wayne is questioning his Batman role, while Two-Face and Riddler terrorize Gotham City. The script is pretty lame. It deals with some boring pseudo-cerebral stuff, and the relationship scenes are cheesy. Joel Schumacher does a good enough job. The camerawork is dynamic and the sets are fabulous. The score is still great, like in the first movies. About the characters, now. Batman is a fascinating hero, but Val Kilmer is all wrong. When he’s fighting, or whenever he’s in costume, he’s okay, but as Bruce Wayne, he just doesn’t have it. I don’t like the arrogant look he always has on his face. Chris O’ Donnell isn’t great either. I have nothing against the actor, but he doesn’t play Robin correctly. Robin is supposed to be a sissy in tights who says stupidities and always get captured by the villains. In this film, he’s a rebel in a rubber suit of fake muscles who rides a motorcycle and defies authority.

I liked Nicole Kidman though, but more for her natural charm than for the non-character she’s playing. Tommy Lee Jones is totally ridiculous as Two-Face. He’s a talented actor, but they put him in ugly make-up. Jim Carrey is the best thing in the film. His costumes are great, and he really looks crazy. He’s very fun to watch. So, this movie isn’t great or anything, but it’s pretty entertaining. When I saw it in theaters, I hated it, but when I saw it again on video, with my expectations much lowered, I spent a good enough time.