Movie Infos
Title: Beavis and Butthead Do America
Year: 1996
Director: Mike Judge, Yvette Kaplan

Huh huh… Heh heh heh… Beavis and Butthead make their big screen debut in this full-length adventure. After their TV is stolen, the moronic duo wanders the streets until they come across some tough guy (voiced by Bruce Willis) who wants to pay them to “do” his wife (Demi Moore). Beavis and Butthead go on a road trip across America that will take them from Las Vegas to Washington, convinced that they’re finally gonna score and totally unaware that they’ve put themselves in a situation threatening national security. They get in plenty of trouble and laugh a lot! Man! These guys are unbelievably stupid! And that’s the fun of the film. It ain’t a dumb movie : it’s more of an hilarious look at how dumb teenagers can be. Beavis and Butthead are stupid, horny and ugly. And they never stop laughing like morons!

I was a huge fan of their MTV show. What’s so funny is that we’re all a little Butthead inside. But society says you gotta grow up and control yourself, so you gotta hold your inner moron in. Hence, there’s something really liberating about watching guys who just let it rip. They find every slightly sex-related thing hilarious, they’re obsessed about finally scoring, they’re fascinated with scatological matters, they’re rude, crude… And sometimes, they can be somehow witty and insightful, like when they point out the absurdity of the music videos featured on the show. But mostly, they do stupid stuff, and that’s gotta be fun. The film is basically a feature length episode, with much better animation than in the series and a more ambitious storyline. There’s also a bunch of guest voices (David Letterman among other others), but the true genius behind the film is writer-director Mike Judge. He created the show and does the voices of Beavis and Butthead and the other regular characters. I love the moronic but colorful vocabulary, the physical humor, the double entendres… Judge really has a way of making you laugh like crazy. I laughed till it hurt when I saw the movie in theaters; I since saw it twice on video, and it’s not as funny because you know what’s gonna happen. And after seing the amazing “South Park” flick, you realize that Judge could have gone a lot further. Still, the movie remains a lot of fun.