Whoaa! What a weird film! Basically, it’s like “Wayne’s World” in a cheesy 80s comedy. Bill & Ted are two excellent dudes who like to play guitar, party on and meet babes. But guess what, they’re the bases of the future of humanity. If they split apart, civilization is doomed. So 700 years from now, some dude travels back in time to lend our most triumphant duo a time-traveling phone booth so they can fool around through history and have a good mark for their final presentation in History class. You’re still with me? The story is totally far out. You can’t say it’s not original. It brings Bill & Ted in the Far West, in medieval England, and well, all over history.

Bill & Ted are great characters. Everything they do or say is usually funny. But when they’re out of sight, the movie gets plain silly, especially the part in which historical people wander about in present time. That’s a common problem in 80s comedies. Take “UHF” for example for example. It has a great star, cool attitude and all, but the story and the direction are dreadful. At least, “UHF” is an extremely funny feature. “Bill & Ted’s excellent adventure” has many good moments, but some parts are so-so. The direction is poor, the FX are awful, the music is ridiculous and the acting is generally laughable. Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves are the best thing in the whole movie. They talk in a really fun way, Wayne’s World style (Excellent! No way! Party on, dude!). But… They’re far from Mike Myers and Dana Carvey. So, this film is generally entertaining and quite funny, but I would rather watch “Wayne’s World” or its sequel.