Movie Infos
Title: Clueless
Rating: 4
Year: 1995
Director: Amy Heckerling

Cher is a rich girl who may seem dumb. Whatever. She has cool clothes, a big house and everything money can buy. Her friend Dionne and her love to party, to shop and to talk about their lives. They also try to help people around them. They match two of their teachers together, they help a girl to increase her popularity… But Cher has some problems on her own. She has no trouble getting guys, but she doesn’t have a boyfriend. She has a crush on a new dude named Christian, but there’s one little problem…

“Clueless” contains a lot of substories like that. There’s always something going on. But don’t think that it’s just another teen movie. It’s actually smart and funny, a bit like the “Wayne’s World” films. The characters are very self-absorbed and they talk in a way of their own, which makes for fun dialogue and countless good lines. It’s like “Valley Girl” for the nineties, cause these babes are Valley Girls.

Amy Heckerling is a very good writer and director. The movie is always entertaining, with no dull moments. The cast is very enjoyable. The young actors all have a cool attitude. There’s the preps, the potheads, the black dudes… The adults are also real talented. I especially like Cher’s father, a hard boiled lawyer, played by Dan Hedaya. Paul Rudd is great as Josh, Cher’s post-adolescence idealistic college step brother, and Stacey Dash and Britanny Murphy are also good as Cher’s girlfriends.

Alicia Silverstone is just awesome. She’s gorgeous, but she also has great comic timing. The way she acts and talks in that film is unique, which goes back to my comparison with “Wayne’s World”. Mike Myers is so cool in that film that every time he’s on screen, the scene is great. Silverstone achieves the same thing in “Clueless”. Fresh, witty, funny and even touching, this is a movie you can’t help but love.