Man, I’m such a sucker sometimes! This film does everything it can to be despicable, but I still had a good time watching it! It’s almost the exact same farking movie than the first two, which were already rather mediocre. It’s a criminally commercial product from these Disney capitalists. Just think of it: the company buys a hockey team, and then they produce three movies about in three years in an obvious case of cross-promotion. The film is predictable, moralistic, dumb and unoriginal, yet it’s still entertaining!

This time the Ducks start playing at Eden Hall, a snobbish prep school that awarded them scholarships. So they become the freshman division of the Warriors, the school’s extremely talented hockey team. But the rich white jocks of the Varsity team have trouble with the Ducks, who include a girl, a fat kid, a Black guy and other kids who aren’t rich and white. So they make the new guys’ life hell. Mmm, how clever a plot! Most of the film is about the Ducks getting screwed by the Varsity, and then thinking of pranks to get their revenge, like putting turd in their lunch or ants in their beds. Heh eh.

Oh, and there’s the new coach who acts like a drill sergeant at first but will gradually become their friend. And the players who once again have attitude problems (they just wanna score, they don’t play defense), and there’s an old man who always followed the team and gives semi-profound advice and dies before the third act to give the guys a kick in the crotch. And of course, this all leads to the big game which could make them get back their pride, or if they lose, could cost them their scholarship (pop quiz: why doesn’t anyone question this scholarships that only depend on athletic abilities?). And you best believe that their old coach Emilio Estevez will come back before the end with a few warm-hearted, wet-eyed speeches.

Basically, this film is crap, right? Yeah, but like the first two films, it knows how to involve you. Even if you’re aware of the formulaic plot, you’re still eager to see the Ducks win that big game and regain their glory. Plus, the kid actors are kinda fun. I like their reckless, arrogant attitude and good spirit, and I’m a big fan of the team’s captain, Charlie, played by Dawson’s Creek’s Joshua Jackson. I wouldn’t have paid to see “D3”, but I had a jolly good time watching it on ABC’s Wonderful World of Disney. Quack, quack!