Intelligent movies are great, no doubt about that. Some films are masterpieces that won’t be forgotten. But when you go to the movies, sometimes you just wanna have fun. And well, the big guys in Hollywood know that, so they produce and sell entertainment. These flicks can be inane and stupid, but if they’re fun to watch, wh complain? You shouldn’t evaluate an action movie like an Oscar contender, and when you review a Jim Carrey vehicle, don’t complain that it’s just a bunch of dumb jokes. That’s the point! “Dumb & Dumber” doesn’t have the greatest of plots nor the most impressive direction there is, but it’s hysterically funny, which is more than enough for me to recommend it heartily.

Anyway. Harry (Jeff Daniels) and Lloyd (Jim Carrey) are natural born losers. They never have money, they can’t get girls and they have no future. Of course, there’s always hope and dreams, and they do have each other. But life can be pretty rough by moments when you’re unemployed. Harry ran a dog-grooming service for a while, but that screwed up. As for Harry, he used to drive a limo, but he had an accident and got fired. Why is their life so rotten? Well, let’s admit it, these guys are dumbasses! But now they’ve got a plan. Lloyd drove the beautiful Mary (Lauren Holly) to the airport before he lost his job, and he fell in love with her right away. Mary is going back to Aspen, leaving a briefcase behind her. Lloyd grabs it and convinces his roommate that they have to bring it back to her. Basically, this is a road movie; Harry and Lloyd drive across the country, meeting colorful people and getting into weird situations.

Actually, summarizing the film’s plot was pretty useless. The story is mostly an excuse to pack a lot of stupid stuff in the film. And trust me, it’s hilarious! This is the debut of writers-directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly, the madcap geniuses behind the smash hit “There’s Something About Mary”. Though this earlier effort ain’t as daring as “Mary”, you can still recognize the brothers’ taste for lowbrow, gross-out humor. The film is not all that well crafted, but the cast is awesome. Jeff Daniels is more thought of as a serious actor, but he can also play a moron and make you laugh your balls off. But no one’s gonna deny that this is Jim Carrey’s film. I must have seen the film three or four times by now, and Carrey still makes me piss my pants in this film. The guy truly is a genius at physical comedy. Few comedians can make you laugh this much with just a facial expression or something. The two of them and the Farrellys make “Dumb & Dumber” terrific entertainment.