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Seul contre tous 48
[ It opens with a man giving his definition of morality and justice (it involves a gun), followed by a thick slab of exposition summing up what happened in “Carne”, Gaspar Noé’s short film in which he introduced the nameless butcher played by Philippe Nahon. He is now out of prison, living with another woman, who’s pregnant, and looking for honest work. But this being a Noé movie, we know things will go wrong sooner than later… Especially since from the get-go, “Seul contre tous” hits us with abrupt zooms, startling cuts and agressive sound effects, not to mention the protagonist’s deeply misanthropic voice-over narration. The latter grows rather tiresome, not because it’s so hateful, but because there’s just so much of it. It’s as if “Taxi Driver” was all inner monlogue. Still, there are some tense moments here and there, up to the shocking climax, which is preceded by a title card warning us that we have 30 seconds to stop watching the film! ]

Irréversible 90
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Enter the Void 94
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