Weird movie! This contemporary version of the 60s cartoon about some dumb Tarzan has some very cool direction and visual style for a Disney family movie. The narration is totally wacked-out, and the storyline is very fun to follow, even though it’s not, say, riveting. The camerawork is very impressive. There is also lots of cool in-jokes and references, and the soundtrack is great. There is a lot of kid crap, fart jokes and stupidity, but if it’s not hilarious to me, it’s still very entertaining. I liked the surprisingly weird and violent fights, and some jokes work really well. Brendan Fraser’s performance is brilliant. Like Mike Myers in “Wayne’s World”, his acting is purposely ridiculous. He makes his character believable between his own boundaries but doesn’t take himself too seriously. An extremely cool surprise in the film is the presence of Richard “Shaft” Roundtree in a supporting role. This movie ain’t perfect, but it’s very cool to watch.