Adam Sandler plays Happy Gilmore, a not that bad guy who just happens to have a short fuse. Don’t mess with this guy, unless you wanna get your ass kicked! He likes to think of himself as a hockey player and he would love to play pro, but though he can snap the puck harder than anyone else, his lame skating and brutal attitude are stopping him. And then Happy discovers that he can use his arm power playing golf and make 400 yard drives! Happy wouldn’t normally lower himself to play such an old man game, but his grandmother has lost her house to the IRS, and he needs to raise 200 grands to buy it back. So he swallows his pride and enter the Pro Tour. Before long, he becomes a sensation, attracting a whole new crowd to golf with his wild antics and his unbelievable drives. Yet he can’t seem to ever make great scores because his putting is really not very good. And with his knack for cursing and getting into fights, he just might be kicked off the tournament, which wouldn’t displease Shooter, the tour’s favorite, who doesn’t like how Happy is stealing the media’s attention from him.

This insane golf comedy was written by Sandler himself and directed by Dennis Dugan. The film is always entertaining and dynamic, and it sure is funny. Many scenes are just side-splitting; there’s a line about what the villain eats for breakfast that made me laugh out loud for 5 minutes straight! Sandler is very, very funny through the film, and so is the supporting cast, from Ben Stiller as an evil nurse to Carl Weathers as Happy’s golfing mentor. The soundtrack is also pretty nice (I particularly dig the Endless Love bit), and the film is fairly well directed by Dugan. It’s not quite Sandler’s best film, but it still is a very fun movie. Hey, how many movies feature a fist fight between Adam Sandler and Bob Barker?