Movie Infos
Title: Honeymoon in Vegas
Year: 1992
Director: Andrew Bergman

 Las Vegas at night. A plane flies over the city. Then drops a team of skydivers, all dressed as Elvis! Cool, right? Now, imagine a film in which that scene wouldn’t even seem weird!

Nicolas Cage plays Jack Singer, a private dick who loves to gamble but is afraid to get married to his long-time girlfriend Betsy because his mother told him not to on her deathbed. But now he made his mind, and the couple is flying to Las Vegas. Yet, a little problem comes up. During a supposedly for fun poker game, Jack loses 62 grands to a professionnal gambler who goes by the name of Tommy. The smooth-talking crook offers Jack to forget his debt if he lets him borrow his fiancé for the week-end. So here goes Betsy to Tommy’s Hawaiian place, few seconds Jack realises what a huge mistake he might have a made..

This entertaining film was written and directed by Andrew Bergman, who’s wonderful at comedies. The plot is goofy, but it leads to a long series of hilarious twists. I love the way Nic Cage’s character is thrown all over like a pinball to get his girl back while everything seems to go against him. Cage is perfect for the role. He’s hysterically funny, but he’s still believable. You see that he’s consumed by love and that he’s over the top, yet he doesn’t overract it. His fiancé is played by the bright and funny Sarah Jessica Parker, and Tommy is interprated by James Caan. He’s perfect for the part, since it’s like a funny version of his character in “The Godfather”.

“Honeymoon in Vegas” is a very enjoyable comedy filled with laughs. I especially like that it’s set in Las Vegas and Hawaii, and that the whole soundtrack is made of songs from the King. Yeah!