Shouldn’t Adaptation have put the final nail in the Happy Together pop song cue coffin? Oh, it’s a great tune, but it’s been played to death. Hey, when Wong Kar-Wai has not only used a track in one of his films but named it after it, it deserves to be put to rest.

Anyway, here we have a whole romantic comedy (what else) building towards the mad dash to catch the one that got away (almost) and plant a kiss on her to the sounds of the Turtles’ melodic cliché. Predictable, conventional and contrived elements also abound all the way there, and first time director Ol Parker does little to make things less bland. Thankfully for him and especially for us, there’s enough chemistry and sexual tension between the leads for “Imagine Me & You” not to be hopelessly boring.

So big kudos to Piper Perabo and Lena Headey for convincingly pretending to have the hots for each other and… Oh yeah, by the way, the romance here is of the girl-girl variety, but do we need to make a big deal about that? I mean, this is the season where even cowboys are gay at the movies, so it’s hardly shocking to see two young London women in love. Piper herself has gone the Sapphic route already in the heartbreaking Lost and Delirious – if she keeps it up, she’ll have to change her name to Broutter, heh.

Perabo plays Rachel, who’s about to marry her best friend Heck (Matthew Goode) when, on her way to the altar, her eyes meet those of Luce, the wedding’s florist. They’ll keep meeting in all kinds of unlikely cute situations over the following days and weeks, until they have to face the fact that they can’t live without each other, aww. Too bad about Heck, but he’s just the dumb stereotype of the workaholic guy who’s always on his cell phone and who practically pushes his wife into this new potential relationship anyway.

Meanwhile, there’s a bunch of would-be amusing supporting characters that aren’t worth mentioning, endless shots of sunrises and sunsets punctuating sequences and a lot of not particularly insightful dialogue about love at first sight and the such. Nothing very memorable, but nothing too painful either in between the Perabo-Headey scenes, which are all that really matters here. I don’t know if it’s just the sight of two pretty girls flirting or if this chick-chick flick truly delivers, but I got into the fleeting but intense moments where hands touch and kisses are almost exchanged, not to mention the pivotal session of Dance Dance Revolution (!). Your mileage may vary, etc.

Imagine me and you, I do
I think about you day and night, it’s only right
To think about the girl you love and hold her tight
So happy together