Aah, homosexuality, one of life’s true joys… Well, not one of mine, but I respect those who decide to go the gay way. These days, we see more and more queers on our screens. But more than often, they’re just the funny sidekicks. In that light, a movie like “In & Out” is refreshing; the whole movie is about sexual identity. Kevin Kline plays a mild-mannered high school teacher in Smalltown, USA. Everything’s fine in his life: he loves his job, his family and his 3 year girlfriend, who he is about to marry. That is until Oscar night, when one of his former students (Matt Dillon) wins for Best Actor and not only thank him during his acceptance speech but also mentions that he’s… gay!?! The teacher’s life is about to become real screwed up. Everyone around him wants to know if he’s truly homo. I mean, he does look gay: he’s clean, well dressed and he likes poetry and Barbra Streisand… Quite suspicious! A reporter (delightfully played by Tom Selleck) takes on the story, as Kline tries to prove to himself and all that he’s a real man.

The film is really well written. I like the way it deals with homosexuality. It ain’t offensive or stereotyped, but it doesn’t get preachy or take itself too seriously either. It’s not quite as funny as it could have been, but I still found the film amusing. Kline is especially good, and so his Joan Cusack, who play his hilariously frustrated fiancé. The film was directed by Frank Oz, who’s not the edgiest of filmmakers but still put together a fine little film, well made and entertaining.